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The infrared frame is a regular hand-touch device widely used in front of any screen. Our selling IR frames support as many as 40 points, so a few people can interact simultaneously with multiple fingers. Plus, the IR frame can attach to any screen (as long as 17 meters), regardless of size. Finally, the detachable structure of the IR frame is conveniently used for logistics. Only in this way can the freight cut down, and isn't the equipment easily damaged during transportation.

Infrared Touch Overlay
Ir Touch Frame

What is infrared touch technology?

Infrared Touch Overlay

Infrared touch technology works through creating a dense, uniform grid of invisible (to the naked eye) LED lights and sensors to detect interaction. These lights and sensors, embedded in the bezel of the touch frame itself are constantly working so that whenever a user touches the screen, a disturbance is registered, identifying the point of contact on the display. 

The beauty of Infrared technology is that the user doesn’t actually have to make contact with the screen itself, as the touch is registered through breaking the pattern of light rather than having to make a physical connection with the screen.

Features & Function

● Adapt to any screen size

Ir Touch Frame

If you have other size requirements, please contact us, we can customize it for you.

● 12 kinds interactive gesture recognise

Infrared Touch Overlay

● Easy to install, USB HID Plug & Play

Ir Touch Frame


Gesture support: click, drag,double-click
Available size: Customized, based on how many splicing screens are used.
Touch points: 40 points
waterproof: support customized

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