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We are the source to provide different types and sizes of digital signage. We can also tailor arbitrary styles of digital signage, such as integrating Kinect sensor, and independent graphic card OPS computer, making the digital signage become an all-in-one machine. We can offer the digital signage as you want, such as assembling touch function or not, choosing infrared or capacitance interaction, preferring vertical or horizontal digital signage, integrating any accessories you need, etc. Contact KLEADER company. Not only can we provide hardware, but also we can offer software and tailor games. We are the most excellent multimedia supermarket in China.

Special Shaped Screen

Round Screen

Round Screen

Square Screen

Square Screen

Indoor Digital Signature

kiosk digital signage

digital signage

Outdoor Digital Signature

outdoor digital display

Custom interactive kiosks

Feature And Advantage

Supports various types of accessories and can expand more functions.

portable kiosk

Supports customization of various shapes to meet your customization needs.

Multi touch sensitive and easy operate.

Touch Screen Table

Supports multiple interfaces for easy use.

digital kiosk display

Application Scenarios

Shopping mall

Shopping mall












Type: free standing
Brightness: 3000 nits
Resolution: 3840 * 2160
display Size:

65″: 140*80 cm

75″:160 * 93 cm

Dust proof& Water proof:


Automatic Temperature Control

Automatic brightness control

Security lock

Additional monitoring devices are available

Customized logo options

OPS computer:



  [Hard Disk] Solid State 128G

  [Graphics card]:GTX1050TI-4G

【Tower Size】: mini

【Operating System】: Windows 10 Professional Edition

Viewing Angel:


Driver board HDMI, VGA, DVI

Operating Life (hours): 50000-60000h
Touch: Capacitive touch  10 points

10%-80% RH Non-condensing

Operating  Temperature:

-20°C~+40°C with fans , -30°C~+50° C with air conditioner

Glass Type:Laminated tempered and anti-reflective glass

Storage Temperature:-20°C~+60°C

Leakage Protection:


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Interactive kiosks is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of exhibition and interactive display. It is composed of advanced electronic components such as touch screens, motherboards, memory, hard drives, graphics cards, etc., and its working principle is no different from that of traditional PCs. According to the size of the touch screen and in combination with software, it can achieve functions such as public information inquiry, advertising display, media interaction, conference content display, offline experience store product display, etc., such as peripheral devices such as fingerprint scanners, scanners, card readers, micro printers, etc. Generally different from electronic whiteboards, it can achieve more functions. Achieve good publicity results. It is widely used in exhibitions and Interactive Displays.

Digital signage, also known as digital interactive advertising, kiosk digital signage, portable signage, museum kiosk,portable kiosk, interactive kiosks, floor standing touch screen kiosk, Custom interactive kiosks, digital kiosk display, outdoor digital display or interactive digital signage, is commonly used in tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums, school history halls, drug control exhibition halls, themed exhibition halls, shopping malls, scenic areas, schools, parks, stores, restaurants, and other multimedia interactive venues. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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