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Interactive Games on Celebration Day


All kinds of festival-type interactive games allow everyone to feel the festive atmosphere while attracting more popularity. The game supports the integration of advertising elements without customization. These can be modified and designed by yourself.


Your purchase includes one theme of your choice and you can purchase additional themes separately. We also have a discounted package rate for all the themes. Contact us for more information.

Christmas Theme

Interactive games with Christmas elements , support multi-player collaboration and interaction, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the festival. Impressive advertising elements can also be embedded, and the internal background and gift elements can be modified.

Halloween Theme

New Year Theme

Games with traditional New Year elements, including multiplayer body tracking games and hand touch games, elements can be customize

Valentine's Day Theme

interactive games

Valentine's Day game. Both couples need to cooperate to complete it. When the time difference between two people pressing the button at the same time is less than 0.5 seconds, this light that symbolizes love can be lit.



Display area: less than 4 meters long
Display Device:

LEDs,projectors, or LCD screens

Prepared yourself kits: Tower, LEDs, KINECT2.0+adaptor or other sensors, cables.
Using environment: Indoor or outdoors
OPS computer:

[CPU]: I5-10400F

[Motherboard]: MSI

[RAM]: 8G

[Hard Disk]: Solid State  240G

[Graphics Card]: NVIDIA Quadro T400 2GB+ with active MINIdp to HDMI adapter *1

[Operating System]: Windows 10 Professional Edition

substitute material: yourself


Kinect multiplayer games is one of the most popular and applied products in the AR games and Augmented Reality fields. Interactive Games on Celebration Day are played in the form of projection, usually requiring players to engage in physical movements such as jumping, swinging, bending, etc. to interact with game characters. This game approach can allow players to be more immersive and enjoy the immersion and fun of the game. At the same time, physical games are also beneficial for exercising players' physical coordination ability and reaction speed. It is widely used in AR games and Augmented Reality.

Kinect multiplayer games, Interactive Games on Celebration Day, also known as interactive games, halloween hologram, christmas holograms, game snowball fight or motion sensing,are typically used in multimedia interactive venues such as shopping malls, kindergartens, schools, scenic spots, amusement parks, parent-child interaction sites, exhibition halls, etc. You can see them in the "Games" category.

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