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Smart Walkway Lights


Smart Walkway Lights


Have you ever seen using interactive buried LED side lights or underground LED strips to decorate a running track or a pathway? When nobody is on the ground, the lights on the smart runway will flow automatically, like flowing stream water. Once someone comes, the lamps at the corresponding position are going to emit a fixed color of light to track visitors. Visitors move slowly, and then the color moves gradually. Once visitors move faster, the colors will follow too. The system can support any DMX512 external controlled lamps or TTL-controlled protocol lights, and we can customize different color animations to match various lamps laid in any position.

Light interaction
Lighting installation

Feature And Advantage

● There is no limit on the number of people, any number of people can interact.

● Support all external control DMX512 and TTL lighting styles.

● Support customize interactive effects.

● Varieties of kinds of light ground follow effects, freely selectable.

Different Themes

Smart Walkway Lights

Product Set Up

Light interaction


display lights: buried LED side lights, underground led strips
lights protocal: DMX 512
Light colour: RGB(W)
Sensing Distance: Unlimited
Accuracy: 0.5m
Visual effect: regular five themes, support customized
Prepared yourself kits: Tower, lights, Senors, cables and light control device.

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Smart Walkway Lights is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of interactive installation and outdoor activities. Light Smart Runway is played in the form of projection, utilizing aesthetic creations of sound, light, and electricity. The characteristics of light enable interactive lighting installation artworks to present a free and varied, ethereal, and colorful aesthetic effect. At the same time, interactive lighting has rich forms of expression and is widely used for interactive installations and outdoor activities.

Smart Walkway Lights, also known as Light Interaction, Interactive Light Tunnel, Lighting  installation or Interactive coloured light installation, is commonly used in tourist attractions, parks, residential areas, outdoor areas, scenic spots, tunnels, and other places. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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