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Transparent Showcase

Transparent LCD Display showcase and display cabinet solutions

Transparent Display Showcases introduce innovative possibilities beyond what traditional LCD screens can offer. By formatting content with white for transparency, black for full visibility, and other colors for a translucent effect, it limits the view into the display case.

- Available in standard sizes from 23 inches to 98 inches

- Options for smaller screen sizes

- Display Orientation – Both Landscape and Portrait formats are offered

- Resolution – Choices between Full HD and 4K resolutions

- Display cases come in White or Black, with custom colors and designs upon request

transparent lcd display
interactive display cases

Applications and Functional Display

●Virtual And Display Interaction●

Through Cameras And Software, Real People Can Be Dropped Into The Cabin.

Allowing Users To Fully immerse Themselves.

  See through LCD

● Support stitching ●

Adopt LCD transparent screen, which can be spliced and expanded to meet the needs of different places of use.

lcd video walls

● Built-in computer system ●

Built-in Android/computer system, optional configuration, industrial controlmotherboard supports 7x24 hours of uninterrupted operation, temperature range 0-60 degrees normal operation, with wire, wireless wifi.

    transparent lcd display

●Different Door Opening Styles Available ●

Through Cameras And Software, Real People Can Be Dropped Into The Cabin.

Allowing Users To Fully immerse Themselves.

    hologram advertising


After the interface mode, penumbra, the overall more coordinatedatmosphere, port rich, can be used in a variety of modes

hologram screen


art media hologram

hologram museum
  touch screen wall


When you stand in front of the camera, Your image will be displayed in the cabinet, just as you appear in a new space.,or your head will be replaced with a cartoon character. This cartoon image can even mimic your expressions perfectly. You can take photos or record videos to share on your social circle.

touch screen photobooth


  Augmented Reality booth
    interactive window display
interactive touch screen presentation
touchscreen exhibits


Widely used in large shopping malls,supermarkets,Museum,exhibitions, etc.

digital art screen


Standard screen sizes:

23” - 98”

HD & 4K resolutions available

Black screen when turned off

White content creates transparency

USB, VGA & HDMI inputs with IR sensor

default computer:





graphic card:integrated

System:windows 10


Transparent LCDs provide an innovative display solution opening up new ways for brands to promote their products and services. Examples include retail stores looking to advertise a new fashion clothing or accessory, museums securely housing a precious artifact with information displayed on the screen, or brands looking to launch a new product at a live event or show. The opportunities are endless! The combination of HD LCD technology (4K on our 55″, 65″, 86″, and 98″ versions) with a transparent screen substrate opens up creative avenues that were previously closed with traditional LCDs. Solid black pixels on a transparent background can be used in intriguing ways to hide (and gradually reveal) whatever is behind the screen. We provide appearance customization.


Transparent Showcase is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of hologram projectors and virtual images. It adopts a high-definition transparent glass screen as the main structure of the exhibition cabinet, and the display items are suspended inside the fine glass screen through a specially designed pneumatic suspension system, creating a strong sense of technology and visual impact. It is widely used for hologram projectors and virtual images.

Transparent LCD display, also known as Transparent Showcase, See through LCD, interactive display cases, proto hologram, translucent lcd screen or Transparent Showcase, is commonly used in multimedia interactive venues such as museums, exhibition halls, shopping malls, stores, technology museums, and school history museums. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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