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Virtual Fitting Room


Are you tired of the inconvenience of quick outfit changes for customers? No need to worry! Our company has developed a virtual dressing app that allows you to instantly switch between different styles of clothing, hats, and accessories. You can operate it remotely and even place orders directly. You can also import your own materials into our system.

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Features And Advantages

Supports Various Clothing And Accessory

virtual dressing

Experience virtual dressing for various clothing items such as tops, bottoms, headwear, and jewelry. You can mix and match your preferred style as you like.

Supports Importing Clothes

3D fitting

You can import clothing materials by yourself, with no quantity restrictions. Simply take photos of the clothes, do some basic editing to convert them into PNG format images, and import them.

Rich Software Features

3D virtual design

The software adapts to the human body's dimensions and also allows for fine-tuning of clothing size and positioning through buttons. It supports features for taking photos, saving, and sharing on social platforms. Additionally, it offers one-click purchase and one-click product link lookup functions.

AR virtual fitting room

3D Virtual Fitting

If you're interested in using more realistic 3D clothing models, you can take a look at this product.

virtual fitting mirror

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Use cases

Clothing Store

Clothing Store




Virtual Fitting Room is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of AR games and virtual reality. Virtual Fitting Room is played using Digital Signage, which utilizes computer graphics technology to synthesize users' photos or models with virtual clothing, enabling the experience of trying on different styles, colours, and sizes of clothing online. Users can upload their pictures or create their virtual characters on the virtual changing platform, then select the clothing they are interested in in the virtual store and apply it to their photos or virtual characters to view the effects. It is widely used in AR games and virtual reality.

Virtual Fitting Room, also known as 3D fitting, virtual dressing, 3D virtual design, Virtual clothes try on, ar virtual fitting room or virtual fitting mirror, is usually used in fashion shows, fashion magazines, shopping malls, stores, clothing Stores and other multimedia interactive places. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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