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virtual flowers


We have created an imaginable art installation called flower sea. Projectors make all the digital flowers in the whole room. We get to touch the walls or step on the floor. Then we can see flowers' birth, blooming, and even withering. If many visitors move or touch, we can see a number of flowers in their life cycle, as if digital flowers surround us to experience life and growth in nature.

Event projection
virtual flowers

Feature And Advantage

● Combine Art and entertainment together.

● Support multi-player interactive at same time.

● Support Any size room and wall.

● Support customized content.

Product Set Up

Event projection



support any resolution projector,It is recommended to use a short-throw projector.



1. Support induction of any size wall and ground

2. Can support multiple sensors connected to the one computer

3. Precise  interaction

4. Waterproof: IP65



Play the sound of interactive software



Control the software, can support booting the game to start automatically, and automatically switch games at regular intervals.

Support room size: unlimited

Number of supported projectors: Within 16

Number of people support interaction: unlimited

Support resolution: within 8K


The above plan is a schematic plan. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need a design plan for a different site.

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Virtual flowers is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of interactive art and immersive. The Flower Digital Art Installation is played in the form of a projection, where the audience feels like they are in a virtual flower sea intertwined with light and shadow. Gazing at close range, touching or stepping on flowers can all affect the birth, blooming, and even withering of flowers in space. Gently touch the butterfly with your hand to run away; touch the blooming flowers, and the flowers will wither. Let the audience immerse themselves in this colourful virtual world and embark on an immersive interactive experience. It is widely used for interactive art and immersive.

Virtual flowers, also known as event projection, is commonly used in urban planning pavilions, museums, memorials, technology museums, exhibition halls, enterprise exhibition halls, restaurants, scenic spots, real estate digital sales departments, and other exhibition halls. Various commercial activities, including large-scale commercial and promotional activities, as well as stage performances, product launches, etc. You can see them in the "Entertainment" category.

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