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digital waterfall


Using LED screens or projection animation pictures to decorate a cylinder is an amazing installation in a museum or exhibition. Especially add an interactive table going around the displaying cylinder. We now have an inspiration for the interactive museum exhibit: creating an interactive waterfall media display system. Pictures flow on the waterfall from the top ceiling down to the interactive table. Multiple visitors can click the images simultaneously for the details and even play the videos for the introduction.

In addition, you can place your material into the software so that it will show them automatically. We can provide a bespoke game if it still can’t match your needs.

Interactive Museum Displays
Information interaction

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interactive waterfall

Scene 1

Projection waterfall

Scene 2

Information interaction

Scene 3

Interactive Museum Displays

Scene 4

Feature And Advantage

● No limit categories ,support any shape screen.

● Support change content by yourself.

● Support videos and picture.

● Support Customized.

How Does It Work

digital waterfall

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1.Receive sensor interactive signals

2.Run interactive software

Display Device

Any kind of digital display device like projector, Led screen, or monitor.etc


Detect hand signal,transmit to software


Display resolution and area: Unlimited
You prepare kits: computer, display device, radar sensors and cables.
Display Device: LEDs or projectors.
substitute material: yourself

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Digital Waterfall is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of exhibition and interactive display. Digital Waterfall is played in the form of projection, which has a strong sense of scientific and technological vision. It pays attention to the interaction and communication of the experience person with the product and mobilizes the experience person's sense of sight, hearing, touch, and other senses in the interaction process. Rich display materials flow slowly down the particle waterfall and water flows towards the table in front of the experimenter. The experimenter only needs to gently move their fingers to obtain media graphic and textual information. It is widely used in exhibitions and Interactive Displays.

Digital Waterfall, also known as Information interaction, Projection waterfall or Interactive Museum Displays, is commonly used in hospitals, shopping malls, schools, supermarkets, tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, technology museums, school history halls, drug control exhibition halls, and themed exhibition halls. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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