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The screen of the dome theater is in the shape of a hemisphere. The audience is surrounded by it and sees the screen as the sky. Because the screen image is large and clear, extending from in front of the audience to behind them, and accompanied by stereo surround sound, the audience feels as if they are right there, with a very strong on-the-spot effect. It is one of the most popular theme experience projects on the market. Cinema types are divided into hemispheric screen cinemas and full screen cinemas.

Dome Projection

Different Solutions

We can produce dome projection screens of different sizes. For indoor dome projection, smaller sizes support touch interaction

Dome Projection solution

How To Make a Dome Projection Cinema

1. Building the basic dome frame

The overall structure is assembled together for easy mobility,The exterior surface is made of waterproof material, suitable for outdoor use

Fulldome Projection

2. Installing projectors

Installing Immersive domes

3. Adjusting blending software

360 Projection Dome software

4. Enjoy the show

immersive art experience

Dome Projection Video

We can provide stunning naked-eye 3D video content. You can choose:

Dome Projection display1


Dome Projection display2

Outer Space

Dome Projection display3


Dome Projection display4

Sea World

Dome Projection display5


Dome Projection display6


Dome Projection display video

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