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   floor game projector

Product Describe

We have produced a new terrestrial floor game projector that integrates a projector, interactive sensor, host, and interactive games. It is simple and convenient to install, has sensitive interaction, and is rich in content. This interactive projector can support any number of splicings.  

Core Themes

Interactive Floor Beach

Interactive Floor Beach

A virtual long beach is presented on the floor. We cannot only hear the sound of the sea waves but also step on the beach, where the footprints will be left. The crabs stroll beside the ocean. If we walk close to them, they will be afraid and then run away.


Fish Floor

Fish Floor

There are a lot of jellyfish and Whale on the ground ,Swimming slowly, when you step on them, they will run away quickly.


Hopscotch Projection Games

Hopscotch Projection Games

Hopscotch Projection Games is a very interesting game, it is not only suited for children but also for adults.


Feature And Advantage

  • Easy install,Plug and use.

  • Support multiple splicing, suit for any size.

  • Support customize game,we can provide SDK/API.

    fish floor

Product Set Up

floor projection games

1 Projector

Display image

2 Android System Machine

Run software and send image to projecto

3 Sensor

Detect interactive signals and send to softwar

Package Contains


Normal screen size:3*2.2 m Throw ratio:1.48:0.8
Distance from projector to floor:About 3-4m Power:360W
Resolution:3300 lumens, XGA(1024*768) Voltage:100-240V AC(50/60Hz)
Logo:customizable Warranty period: 1 year
Weight:3.86 KG Four angles correction:corner correction
Capture device: Infrared camara (also support radar)

Host computer:

Android RK399 6cores(A72*2+A53*4),


Mali-T864 GPU

60+ Themes

floor video game

floor video game

fish tank flooring

Application Scenario

virtual game system interactive floor projection games

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Floor Game Projector is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of interactive installation and outdoor activities. No need for fixed installation, portable equipment, low cost, equipped with a universal roller underneath, and easy to operate and maintain on sunny and rainy days. Traditional leasing activities require the construction of complex projects such as trusses, using interactive projection robots that are push-and-play. Can leave a deep impression on visitors and achieve good promotional effects. It is widely used for interactive installations and outdoor activities.

Floor game projector, includes fish floor, floor projection games, Interactive Floor Beach, floor video game, fish tank flooring, virtual game system, hopscotch Projection Games, interactive projector games or interactive floor projection games, is commonly used in entertainment venues such as tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, theme pavilions, outdoor spaces, and shopping malls. You can see them in the "Entertainment" category 

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