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Using piano tile lights or digital piano pictures covered on the ground to engage passersby to step on them that can play different syllables or perform a piece of sheet music. Also, the installation can be combined with interactive games. Players use the floor piano lights to interact with the virtual 3D animals, which can gain more fun for the visitors. Plus, using the interactive piano install can interfere with peoples behavior. They may prefer climbing stairs to elevators because they can enjoy themselves.

Different Solutions

Interactive music games
Piano tile light
Floor Piano interactive music games
Interactive Piano - With the soundtrack playing, players can step on the corresponding real piano keys on the ground according to the prompts of colourful notes falling on the screen. Then they can play piano music and also can play together with their friends.  Combine a series of real piano keys together. When you step on these keyboards, the corresponding piano keys will light up, and the corresponding notes will be played. You can play music on this giant piano.
Floor Piano interactive music games

Interactive Projection Piano Interactive Music Stairs
piano on the floor projection Piano
Combine number projection and interactive sensing technology to project a virtual piano onto the ground. Participants can walk on these piano keys, and when they touch the corresponding keys, beautiful sounds will be played. We install sensors and light strips on the steps of the staircase. This way, when participants step on the stairs, we can control the corresponding light strips to illuminate and play a musical note.They may prefer climbing stairs to elevators because they can enjoy themselves.
piano on the floor projection Piano


Display Device: Projectors, LEd Light strip or floor tile lamp
Using environment: Indoor or outdoors

Stainless steel 12mm piano key pattern glass:

Input voltage DC24V, RGB,Multicolor gradient.

SIZE 1000*300*60MM


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Floor Piano is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of Interactive Floor and Interactive Installation. Floor Piano is played in the form of a projection or LED screen, projecting large piano keys on the ground. Visitors can make a touching piano sound by stepping on the keys. The game supports multiple people participating at the same time, creating a fun and interactive highlight area for multiple people. It is widely used for Interactive floor and Interactive installation. 

Floor Piano, also known as projection Piano,piano on the floor, magical piano lights or music games floor, is commonly used in entertainment venues such as tourist attractions, properties, shopping malls, shopping centers, art galleries, and music festivals. You can see them in the "Entertainment" category.

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