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Fog Projection


Have you ever seen hologram videos during the grand ceremony? Yeah, it’s pretty magic because the preset videos played in the open air, just like real objects moving in real space. Now the fog screen is one of the mature methods to realize this miraculous visual effect, which is widely used at the entrance of shopping malls, museums, exhibitions, indoor parks, activities and events. The fog screen can be installed quickly. It can connect to a water pipe directly for stationary use or pump from a water tank for portable and non-stationary use. Generally, we supply the length of the fog machine from a minimum of 1.5 meters to a maximum of 3.5 meters. Also, if you need another size, we can customize it for you only.

Holographic projection
3d projection in air

Feature And Advantage

English language operate system.

Support fog screen projection content can be advertising, animation, DVD, video, TV signal, etc.

The mist is non-toxic and non-polluting, the accumulation time is short, and it will be vaporized immediately after power off

Wireless remote control, adjustable fog volume, adjustable air volume.

We supply the length of the fog machine from a minimum of 1.5 meters to a maximum of 3.5 meters. If you need special length, we can customize it for you.

Low water consumption, only 18 liters of water per hour.

System Composition

The fog screen projection system is mainly composed of a projector, a fog screen generator, a water tank, a computer, a controller, holographic presentation content, and some auxiliary equipment, such as wires.

Fog Projection

Hand chain hoist

Hand chain hoist

Hook up

Hook up



Steel CableSteel Cable

Remote controlRemote control

Water pump Water pump

Product Set Up

Holographic projection 3d projection in air
No water-tap Water-tap

hologram projection


[Resolution]:>1280*800 DPI


[Throw Rate]:Long throw

Fog machine

Hang in front of the projector.

Application Scenarios

3d hologram projector


Display Device:

Fog output: 9 level ring adjustable

Water source: clean water

Power source: AC 220V

Power: 4KW/6KW

Water consumption: 8-15L/H

Fog screen generator size: 1.99m x 0.58m x 0.43m

Gross weight: 140KG

Projector requirements: 5000 lumens or more
Projection method: Rear projection
Projector lens: tele lens
You prepare kits: Playbox,A projector, cables and water tank.
Ambient light: Moderate or less
Accessories: Pull up pulley,water pump

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Fog Projection is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of hologram projectors and virtual images. Fog Projection is played in the form of projection, which uses a high-pressure pump to convert water into tiny water mist particles and then uses a particular projection device to project the content onto the water mist screen, forming a three-dimensional and realistic effect. It is widely used for hologram projectors and virtual images.

Fog Projection, also known as fog machine projector, 3d projection in air, 3d projection in air,   holographic machine, 3d hologram projector, hologram projection, project onto fogis commonly used in stages, theatres, media exhibition institutions, large shopping malls, tourist attractions, theme parks, entertainment venues, technology museums, museums, planning centres, new product launches, performance venues, theme education centres, and children's science parks. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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