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Glow Bench


Glow Bench


Glow Bench is a fantastic seating option for any special event. Weddings, school dances and corporate events have utilized these in many ways to create unique seating layouts. All LED lighted Glow Benches can be programmed to a specific colour or morph into any colour during your event.Plan to take this indoor/outdoor LED lounge bench to your next open-air engagement without worry, thanks to its water-resistant design. Create your own purpose-built set by pairing this LED lounge bench with other illuminated furniture for a unified, eye-catching aesthetic that’s sure to get some attention.

light up seats
Snake Bench

Feature And Advantage

● Waterproof,Support weight 400kg.

● Varieties of shape can select.

light up seats

High Light

Snake Bench


long bench: 240*33*40cm
Material: PE polypropylene + stainless steel
heart bench: 188*168*40cm
Material: PE polypropylene + stainless steel

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Glow Bench is among the most popular and applied products in interactive installation and outdoor activities. Glow Bench is an excellent seating choice for any special event. Weddings, school dances, and corporate events are all utilized in various ways to create unique seating layouts. All LED emitting tables can be programmed to specific colours or deformed to any colour during the activity. It is widely used for interactive installations and outdoor activities.

Glow Bench, also known as  light-up seats, LED Lounge Bench, Glow Curved Bench, Snake Bench or LED bench, is commonly used in tourist attractions, parks, outdoor areas, and residential areas. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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