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360 hologram pyramid


hologram pyramid    


For hologram technology, using a sizeable 3d hologram pyramid is a feasible way to show 3D products in the air. The larger the cabinet is, the more startling the visual effect is. Visitors can see the virtual digital 3D products displayed with animation in the open air. However, if the pyramid is too big, it’s not convenient for the shipment because the special holographic glass is easily broken during long-distance transportation.KLEADER has produced three sizes of the 3d hologram pyramid whose sizes respectively are 1m, 1.1m, and 1.2m. The pyramid has been divided into two parts. One is the basic support, and the other is a giant pyramid glass. They are both packaged into a flight case fixedly, which can be transmitted safely over a long distance. Also, we can mount a touch screen computer for you to choose which 3d model animation you want to display in the air.

3d pyramids holographic imaging

Feature & Advantage

hologram pyramid LEVITATION IMAGING

3d pyramids 360°PRESENT

holographic imaging HD DISPLAY


hologram technology


hologram pictures


holographic box

Finished product shipped, sturdy packaging, simple and convenient installation

More Styles

Holographic 3d

Device Size

hologram technology  0.8m
hologram pictures  1.2m
holographic box  1.4m



usbdisk *1

Small speakers *1

Video splitter * 1

Test Video * 1

Flight case * 1

6MM Tempered high transmittance optical glass

Free replacement when broken in transit

resolution: 1024 * 768
Support format: AVI、WMV、MKV、MOV、MP4
luminance: 450 cd/m2

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360 3D Hologram Pyramid is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of Hologram projectors and virtual images. The 360 3D Hologram Pyramid is played in the form of projection, which projects the finished product animation onto the spectroscope surface through an image projection device. Based on the principle of spectroscope imaging, the animation is refracted onto the upper edge of the imaging cone, forming a 360 ° stereoscopic imaging product display cabinet. It is widely used for hologram projectors and virtual images.

360 3D Hologram Pyramidhologram pictures, Holographic 3d, holographic box or holographic imaging is commonly used in exhibition halls, science and technology museums, hologram technology, school history halls, drug control exhibition halls, and themed exhibition halls. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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