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Immersive projection


Immersive Projection


We use multiple projectors to create a surreal world take on reality in a cave room. Various mature dreamlike themes cover the space for choosing seven to ensure a day of the week is different. Also, you can add panoramic videos shot by 360°camera or ordinary flat videos into the folder of the player software. In addition, when touching the wall or walking on the floor, the virtual digital world can capture the motion and then react, which may produce a dazzling effect or change the projection scene just like you are moving in the real world. The virtual interactive art world relies fundamentally on participation and the exchange between the artist and viewer; interactivity is often key to both the form and meaning of the artwork.


Ready-to-use solution

Our new immersive interactive experience system features 80 interactive effects. Each effect supports multi-player interaction on walls and floors, with multi-layered visuals and spatial sound effects to give the audience an immersive gaming experience.


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If you want to build yourself theme, we can provide development template,even though you do not have programmer ,you can build new theme.

Customized Solution

Immersive Room touch Interactive

Immersive Room Touch Interactive

By employing a combination of multiple radar sensors, it is possible to facilitate interaction between digital elements and individuals throughout the entire immersive room. Participants can engage in the interaction simply by using their palms, and we can create various types of digital content according to your needs.


Immersive Room Shooting InteractiveImmersive Room Shooting Interactive

By employing a combination of multiple infrared sensors, participants can interact with digital content using an infrared shooting gun. We can create various types of digital content according to your needs.


Immersive Room Body Sensor Interactive

Immersive Room Body Sensor Interactive

Immersive video experience that involves interacting and controlling the content through physical movements, creating unprecedented interactivity. Enjoy the seamless interaction of visual and physical elements, exploring a whole new realm of entertainment.


Mapping Restaurant

Mapping Restaurant

Have you ever imagined having dinner in a fairy tale world? Now, it has come true already. KLEADER, an advanced multimedia company, uses seamless projection animations to decorate the four walls and the restaurant's dinner table. Plus, the surface of the fixed plates on the table would show corresponding animations to highlight their positions.


Our company boasts a seasoned team of software developers and designers, ready to tailor software content and games to meet your specific requirements. With a track record of crafting custom software solutions, we have successfully delivered personalized content for thousands of clients.

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Product Set Up

multi-wall projector



support any resolution projector,It is recommended to use a short-throw projector.



1. Support induction of any size wall and ground

2. Can support multiple sensors connected to the one computer

3. Precise  interaction

4. Waterproof: IP65



Play the sound of interactive software



Control the software, can support booting the game to start automatically, and automatically switch games at regular intervals.

Support room size: unlimited

Number of supported projectors: Within 16

Number of people support interaction: unlimited

Support resolution: within 8K

The above plan is a schematic plan. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need a design plan for a different site.


Display area and resolution: Unlimited
Numbers of projectors: Unlimited images, geometric correction and blending
Ambient light: Moderate or less
Interaction: radar touch
OPS computer: [Motherboard]:MSI

[RAM]: 8G

[Hard Disk]: Solid State  240G

[Graphics Card]: NVIDIA Quadro T1000 4GB+ with active MINIdp to HDMI adapter cable*2

[Operating System]: Windows 10 Professional Edition

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Immersive projection is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of Immersive entertainment and experience. Immersive projection is a multimedia representation based on projection technology that uses the form of projection for playback, aiming to create an immersive sensory experience for the audience. It can make a comprehensive and boundless immersive environment by projecting various media elements, such as images, videos, audio, etc., on different surfaces, such as large screens, walls, and floors. It is widely used for Immersive Entertainment and Immersive Experience.

Immersive Projection can be used in Immersive Experience, Immersive Interactive and Immersive Space, inculding interactive projection mapping software, immersive equipment displays or multi-wall projector is typically used in multimedia interactive venues such as museums, technology museums, theme pavilions, restaurants, exhibition halls, museums, technology museums, immersive/tunnels, etc. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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