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LED Running Track


LED Running Track


Nowadays, an innovative digital light installation is set up by one side of the LED running track to motivate joggers to exercise more. When the joggers move around the digital screen, it will produce another lighting particle shadow jogger running come along with you. Sometimes it will be a bit of falling behind you, and sometimes it will catch up with you. Even when you stop to look at the virtual athlete on the screen, it will stall either, facing you and then saying hello.The interactive light installation, also called the lighting accompanying runner, is always made up of dot-led lights or LED screens. It can calculate the real-time speed of a real runner and detect multiple joggers coming from different directions simultaneously. Adding extra accessories can record how much time you spend on workouts and how many calories you have burned.

Interactive Light Installation
Interactive running

Feature And Advantage

● Support TTL and DMX512 protocol lamps and LED screen.Support all external

● Smooth movement, no stuttering.

● Support the detection of three states: standing, walking, and running, and each state corresponds to a different follow-up effect.

● Support customize interactive effects.

● Varieties of kinds of light ground follow effects, freely selectable.

Different Themes

LED Running Track

Product Set Up

Interactive Light Installation

1 2 3


Run program and send software signal to the screen


Detect interactive signal and send to software


Support projector/LED screen/DMX512 light.


Display Device:

LEDs,external dmx 512 dot-lights or transarent LEDs

Sensing Distance: Unlimited
Accuracy: 0.5m
Visual effect: regular five themes, support customized
Prepared yourself kits: Tower, lights, Senors, cables and light control device.
Behavior detection:

stroll, jog, run,stop, double direction

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Interactive Light Installation is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of interactive installation and outdoor activities. Interactive Light Installation is played in the form of projection. When runners pass through the large screen, they will be accompanied by particle animations like sand paintings, enabling them to interact with light and shadow particles. An outdoor running interactive device that utilizes body tracking technology to create a virtual character on an electronic display screen to accompany the entire journey. Its running speed is determined by you. It is widely used for interactive installations and outdoor activities. 

Interactive Light Installation, also known as Interactive Running or LED running track, is commonly used in outdoor places such as tourist attractions, parks, shopping malls, residential areas, scenic spots, squares, and outdoor exhibition halls. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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