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Interactive Light Wall


Interactive Light Wall


We can supply a variety of touch sensor lamps. When someone touches the lamp, it turns on or changes its colour. The player can exert their imaginations to form different shapes with different colour lights changed by players. The cheap interactive lights are usually set up in indoor amusement, preschool, or shopping malls for kids to kill their leisure time. The interactive lights can also stimulate children's imaginations and improve their teamwork spirit because we can use the touch sensor lights to customise different games.

sensory light wall panel

musical touch wall

Features And Advantages

13 Environmentally friendly material, no pollution to people and the environment.
14 Many styles, support styling customization.
12 Comes with touch sensor and audio, no need to add separate interactive sensor.
15 Easy to install, waterproof outdoors


Interactive Light Wall

[Size]: 10cm diameter

[Light support colour:]Regulars and go out

[Touch reaction:]play sound and change colour

sensory light wall panel

[Size]: 10x10cm*5cm

[Light support colour:]Regulars and go out

[Touch reaction:]play sound and change colour

Product Set Up

musical touch wall



After touch it display different colors.


Power Adapter

Supply Power to light


DMX Control Box

Receive touch light signals and control audio.



Play sounds.

Similar Product

Interactive Light Wall

● Art lamp tube ●

In standby mode, each lamp will emit white light, and there are white flowing color blocks moving slowly. When you touch the lamp tube with your hand, a colored color block will appear, and the color block will move with your hand

sensory light wall panel

Point light interaction

When you touch each lamp, the lamp will leave and light up, and you can paint on the screen composed of these lamps to create various patterns


More Cases

musical touch wall Interactive Light Wall sensory light wall panel musical touch wall


You prepare kits: sound
Light size: 10cm diameter
Light support colour: Regulars and go out
Touch reaction: play sound and change colour

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Interactive Light wall is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of interactive installation and Multimedia Art. Lighting is no longer limited to a single functional lighting. More and more art masters and designers are using the physical properties of light to create art, integrating various elements such as lighting, materials, sound, emotion, and interaction, and creating stunning lighting art installations. It is widely used for interactive installation and Multimedia Art. 

Interactive Light wall, also known as the Sensory light wall panel or touch sound panel, are commonly used in tourist attractions, art exhibitions, public landscapes, shopping malls, commercial stores, and office spaces. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events " category.

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