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Interactive Lightbox


Interactive lightbox


The museum and exhibition hall often use light-boxes as a common exhibition item because the light box is easy to be printed the patterns of your LOGOS or presentations. The lighted lamp engages the visitors' attention quickly. Furthermore, we add interactive technology to the light-box. The touch software can light up the light-box, and we can also touch the light-box for lighting. After that, its detailed explanations will appear on the display device.

Feature And Advantage

Responsive Interaction: Responsive to interactive gestures, triggered with a gentle touch.

Content Customization Support: Includes presentation software that allows you to independently modify the displayed content, supporting both image and video formats.

Multiple Display Styles: Offers a wide range of colorful aesthetics and various interactive options to choose from.

Interactive exhibits
interactive light board
Interactive lightbox
Interactive exhibits interactive light board

Product Set Up

All In One Sensor

Interactive lightbox




Sensor Area: 

Detects touch signals.


 Provides internal lighting.

Signal Cable: 

Transfers interactive signals.

Interactive Sensor

Interactive exhibits





Light box


Run software and receive the input signal


Detect interactive position


Display resolution and area: Unlimited
Display Device:

LEDs,projectors, or LCD screens

You prepare kits: computer, display device, radar sensors or other touch sensors and cables.


Interactive Lightbox is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of Interactive Display and Exhibition. Interactive Lightbox is played in the form of a projection or LCD screen. Its interactive software consists of a touch screen, lightbox button, radar, and software. When the touch light is on, the large screen displays and generates corresponding introduction pictures or videos. It also supports multi-level page jumping, and the lights turn off when no one touches them. It is widely used for Interactive Display and Exhibition.

Interactive Lightbox, also known as Interactive exhibits,interactive light board, Sensory Lighting Installation, is commonly used in tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, technology museums, themed exhibition halls, shopping malls, scenic spots, and other places. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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