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Interactive Sliding Screen


Interactive Sliding Screen


The interactive slide screen is also called a slide TV, an electric sliding advertising screen. The screen supports touch and can slide automatically, driven by an electric motor. We can set unlimited sensor points on the sliding rail. Once the screen reaches the sensor point, it will play corresponding images or videos. If visitors touch the screen, further details will be filled in. The screen’s direction of motion supports horizontal, vertical, and curve. We can tailor the arbitrary length of the sliding rail and provide presentation software that you can substitute with your material easily without any customization. You can also assemble the screen components quickly in your local place.

Interactive touch display

Interactive Screen

Product Set Up

● The moving speed is uniform, the sound is small, and the moves smoothly.

● Support any size and shape.

● Support different control methods:App,Remote control,touch screen,body follow.etc.

Digital Displays

Product Set Up

Interactive Sliding Screen

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Central Control

Include motor,electrical box,and transmission device.

Slier and Chain

Include Slider Chain and signal cables and interactive sensor.

All in one touch Screen

Include computer,touch screen and software.

Application Field

Interactive touch display


Screen Display resolution: 1080*1920
Screen size: 55-inch or larger
Display distance: 4 meters or longer
substitute material: yourself
induction point: unlimited
You prepare kits: A flat wall and wood panel covered

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Interactive Sliding Screen is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of exhibition and Interactive touch display, Digital Displays, or interactive screen. Interactive Sliding Screen is a high-tech automatic interaction technology that combines automatic control with virtual reality. It utilizes the motion of tracks and LCD screens to achieve an automatic continuous perspective of static objects or call-up video footage of playback time nodes. Moreover, through specially designed mechanical slide control devices, coupled with high-definition LCD splicing curtain walls, interactive control of screen content can also be achieved. It is widely used in exhibitions and Interactive Displays.

An Interactive Sliding Screen, also known as a sliding advertising screen, Touch Slide Interactive, , Interactive Sliding Display,, is commonly used in multiple industries and scenarios such as museums, corporate exhibition halls, museums, technology museums, and digital exhibition halls. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category. 

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