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Interactive wall games using dynamic capture technology is used to realize the real-time interaction between people and the dynamic image on the wall. When children touch or hit the game elements in the scene with their hands or the ocean ball, various interactive effects will appear, and they will be rewarded with points. 

wall ball game
Interactive Wall Projection Games

Product Specification

We offer the best set of the “Interactive throw wall”. In order to install freely, we have developed all in one projector. After purchasing, the customer only needs to hang the all in one projector at the desired place and open the button to use it.

Projection size depends on the distance from the projector to the wall. The max projection size is 3m*2.25m for that one 3200lumens. If you want bigger size you can combine multiple devices, or opt for the first option below. You can contact me directly to provide you with a design proposal.

Custom Projection System

Custom Projection System

√ Projector

√ PC Host with software

√ Controller

√ 45 interactive wall games

√ Maximum projection ratio:unconfirmed

√ Adjustable hanger(optional)

√ Max projection size:unconfirmed

All in One Projector(4000lumens)

All in One Projector(4000lumens)

√ All in one Projector 4000lumens

√ Andrios Host with software

√ Controller

√ 45 interactive wall games

√ Maximum projection ratio:0.61:1

√ Adjustable hanger(optional)

√ Max projection size:4*3m

All in One Projector(3200lumens)

All in One Projector(3200lumens)

√ All in one projector 3200lumen

√ Android Host with Software

√ Controller

√ 45 interactive wall games

√ Maximum projection ratio:1.48:1

√ Adjustable hanger(optional)

√ Max projection size 3*2.25m

26+ Games

wall games

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Product Set Up

smash the wall game



Support any resolution projector or Led screen.



Control the software, can support booting the game to start automatically, and automatically switch games at regular intervals.


Sensor Camera

It is used to capture human actions and feed them back to the recognition system.


Laser Sensor(Optional)

It does not need to be connected to a computer, Independent power supply, and it is used to cover the surface of the screen with infrared light to capture the movement of the ball and hands.


  • All-in one design, easy and convenient to package and install

  • One-button to power on, remote control is easy to operate

  • More than 26 various games suitable for players of all ages

  • Accurate infrared sensor capture device, high-definition game screenbrings players smooth games experience

  • High sensitivity, can interact the game with ocean ball, hand or infrared gun

  • First-class after-sales service, update more new games regularly

One Stop AR Interactive Projection Plan

Suitable for chidren's education centers, autism centers, kindergartens,prirary school activity rooms, amusement parks etc.


Applicable Scenes

Naughty Castle

Naughty Castle

Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

Parent-child Interaction site

Parent-child Interaction site

Children's Park

Children's Park


Display area and resolution:

Regular 1024 * 768(XGA), indoor 4*3m or less

Customized: Unlimited area

Essential kits:

Sensors and games.

You are supposed to prepare a computer,  projectors and cables

Ambient light: Moderate or less

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After-sales Service and Guarantee


7x24 hours round-the-clock service


Real-time feedback on problem handling progress


Regular on-site inspection and maintenance


Feedback a singleresult within 1 hour


Interactive Projection is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of Children's Entertainment and Interactive Games. Interactive Wall Games are played in the form of projection, where a projector projects the images onto the wall, allowing participants to see the presented scene and animation. They can also touch and control the projected images through their hands for interactive communication, immersing themselves in a fantasy and fun experience that has never been before. It is widely used in Children's entertainment and Interactive Games.

Interactive Wall Games, also known as interactive wall projects, interactive games for kids, interactive wall projection games, 3d interactive projector, digital ball wall, interactive touch game walls,wall ball game,smash the wall game or interactive throw wall, are commonly used in amusement parks, children's parks, shopping malls, kindergartens, and indoor amusement parks. You can see them in the "Entertainment" category.

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