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We can offer different types of LED screens, like indoor or outdoor LED screens, rental LED screens for events, LED floor displays, or transparent LED panels. All of the LED screens provided by KLEADER are high refresh rates so that there’s no water ripple in the video that your mobile phone shoots towards the LED screen.Compared to other suppliers, we feel you more. We will recommend a suitable pitch size for the screen and the corresponding type for the LED screen other than make more money from you. We can provide various certificates for foreign guests, like CE, CCC, ISO, FCC, etc.

led walls transparent LED panels


floor led display outdoor LED screens

Fixed Installation

For all application scenarios of commercial display
Pixel Pitch(mm)
1.25 ┃1.53 ┃ 1.83 ┃2 ┃2.5
Panel dimensions(w*H*D)/(mm)
640 x 480 960 x 480
600 ┃ 700 ┃ 700 ┃ 700 ┃700

Rental & Stage

Stage rental display, indoor/outdoor
Pixel Pitch(mm)
2.97┃ 3.91 ┃5.2 ┃6.25 ┃7.81
Panel dimensions(w*H*D)/(mm)
500 x 500
2000 ┃ 2000 ┃ 4500 ┃5000┃5000

transparent led screen advertising display screen

Creative Display

Create multi-scenario presentations, applicable for experience of large immersive scenario project.
Pixel Pitch(mm)
1.5 ┃ 1.8 ┃ 2.5
700 ┃ 700 ┃800-1200

Transparent Display

Reclame Publiceren, Retail Winkel, Winkelcentrum, Display Van Gerechten, Welkom Display, Self-Service Business, Tentoonstellingszaal, Bewegwijzering, Luchthaven, Metro, Lift, Restaurant & Hotel Supplies, Onderwijs, Medische Behandeling
Pixel Pitch(mm)
2.5 ┃ 3.0 ┃ 2.5┃ 5.0 ┃ 6.0┃ 8.0 ┃ 10.5


led display outdoor LED Screen led walls

Screen size:72sqm


Screen size:32sqm


Screen size:3osqm


transparent LED panels floor led display outdoor LED screens

Screen size:


Screen size:

Location: Singapore

Screen size:


transparent led screen advertising display screen led display outdoor

Screen size:


Screen size:


Screen size:


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LED Screen is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of Interactive Display and EXHIBITION. LED screens have the characteristics of high brightness, wide viewing angle, and high flatness, so the visual effect will be better. Far surpassing other large-screen displays, indoor LED screens have a maximum viewing angle of over 160 degrees. They can also adjust the brightness based on the intensity of indoor light, providing a better viewing effect. Widely used for EXHIBITION and Interactive Display.

KLEADER's LED Screen includes various products, such as indoor or outdoor LED screens, transparent led screen, LED floor displays,led walls, floor LED display, advertising display screen or transparent LED panels. It is commonly used in leisure squares, large entertainment squares, bustling commercial centers, advertising information boards, commercial streets, train stations, waiting rooms, performance centers, television live broadcasts, exhibition venues, concert venues, and other places. You can see them in the "Science and technology" category.

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