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Object Recognition Table Parameters

Product Functions Advantages

1. Modular construction, you can change the 2D/3D display content and display category names at will.

2. Standard version tokens support a maximum of 12 different tokens.(Can also be customized to 17)

3. If you need to identify more points, you need to customize the development (in theory, the larger the screen, the higher the precision, the more points that can be distinguished, and up to 30 tokens can be supported)


4. The general delivery period is 15 days, and there are three common screens: 43, 55, and 65 (86 inches can be customized)

5. If you configure a high-channel 40-point 4K capacitor table by yourself, you can also learn to adapt intelligently.

6. 3 sets of display systems are included for free, covering 3D scene roaming, 3D fixed-point roaming, and 2D picture and video display. Pictures, videos, panoramas, hot spots can be customized. Conventional requirements, no secondary development required!


7. Provide SDK bottom-level development code - algorithm identification from the bottom layer, including Unity development sample code, c/c++ export interface (if you need UE4 development sample code, please explain after purchase)

8. The optional interactive magic ring system can easily make the picture content come alive.

(Attention:Reserve   the power supply and   Network Cable 

Token Roaming(Panoramic Video)


Information Display

All display content can be modified and replaced by yourself(background picture, category name, display content),video, picture, text and other display content can be clicked, closed, dragged, zoomed, rotated and other operations at will.(Install the extension screen to automatically increase the screen throwing function)


3D Room Roaming(3D Modal)

Manual roaming: Through the movement and rotation of the token, the real first viewing perspective is simulated, and you can freely move forward, backward, and rotate to view the contents of the exhibition hall. The video picture introduction (content can be replaced) can be viewed at specific anchor points to improve the real visiting feeling.

Autonomous roaming: when no one interacts, you can roam around a specific visit route for display and tour promotion.

Sample Room Display(Panorama Picture)

You can modify and replace the display content without professionals (just import and generate)

Support custom roaming house type scene and anchor position (hot area naming can also be customized)

A single token can achieve different viewing angles (360-degree viewing) - completely solve the problem of poor traditional fixed-point roaming experience and greatly improve the roaming experience.

Magic Ring

Kleader interactive magic ring,place the magic ring in the hot spot of the identification table to realize its function display. (The magic ring has three colors of red, yellow and blue; size: diameter 12CM, thickness 15mm; magic rings of different colors have different functions)


Function Description:

1. Yellow magic ring: video playback function. Place the ring in a specific position to automatically play the video

2. Blue magic ring: hot spot display function. The magic ring is placed in the blue hot spot to display a picture or sequence frame.

3. Red magic ring: magnifying glass function. Wherever it is placed, you can zoom in on the placed area to see the corresponding details.

Note: The displayed background, pictures, videos and sequence frames in the hotspot area can be modified. No need for any customization, just change the material by yourself!

(The interactive magic ring software needs to be equipped with an identification system, and additional charges are required)

Finished Product Recognition Table Style Display

The following capacitive screen identification table can be selected, you can configure your own host, or you can use the discrete graphics host provided by us.


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