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Tangible 3D Tabletops


Tangible 3D Tabletops


If you want to engage your target audience in museums or events, there’s no technology more appropriate for that. With the tangible table, these are real users that make things happen, interacting with content physically. It’s all, literally, in their hands. With object recognition technology applied, the interaction can be done directly with hands, through an object placement or with tokens. In addition, we provide SDK for you to utilize the tracking and recognition capabilities for basically anything to develop your games. Also, we’ve done a fair share of apps, like the 2D material show or 3D display roaming system. All these apps, with intuitive user interfaces and rotary menus, are free to provide to our clients if they buy the SDK and tokens from us. Clients can substitute all the 2d display software material without any extra workforce from the supplier. If you’re interested in the interactive tangible table, there’s a variety of options to choose from, such as different screens and surfaces.

Virtual tour
holographic tabletop

Feature And Advantage

If you have a Programmer and designer, you can build more applications with our recognized table system. If you not you can tell us your demand, and we can customize it for you.

3D space exhibition

3D space exhibition

In this model, with the token moves, the view can move from one position to another position step by step. you can watch each position of the scene, that seems like you are walking in the real scene.

Content format:

You need 360 reading panorama images and import them to our system.

3D position exhibition

3D position exhibition

In this mode, you can check the specific position of the scene. you cannot browse the scene step by step.

Content format:

You need to produce 3D files (3Ds MAX or Maya)or Tour videos and import the 3D file to the system.


Product Set Up

exhibit table

1 2 3


Tangible Mark/Object /Magic Ring


High quality Capacitive(PCAP) more than 250 capacitive channel


Application & more engine


supported tokens: 12

Capacitance induction point:

Token LOGO: free
substitute material: yourself

Application Scenario

Navigation system

Navigation system

Outdoor Navigation

Outdoor Navigation

Object Recognition Table

If you want to use tokens to see the corresponding media elements, you can visit the Object Recognition Table system, it can display videos and images

Object Recognition Table



Tangible 3D Tabletops are one of the most popular and applied products in the field of Interactive Display and Exhibition. Tangible 3D Tabletops are played using an all-in-one device, which combines physical recognition technology with VR panoramic roaming. By manipulating the sensing module on the physical recognition table, when the module is located above the museum, the VR panoramic map of the corresponding location of the museum is displayed on the large screen. By manipulating the sensing module, the museum can be visited and visited in a panoramic manner, which is a new VR roaming experience. It is widely used for Interactive Displays and Exhibition.

Tangible 3D Tabletops, also known as Virtual toursholographic tabletop, augmented reality table, exhibit table, Object Recognition Tables, are commonly used in exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums, school history museums, schools, factories, shopping malls, sales offices, tourist attractions, and other places. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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