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If you want to engage your target audience/users, there is no better technology for it. The Object Recognition Table can be done directly with tokens, through an object placement or with tokens (with object recognition technology applied). Tangible table is to place a token on the display screen, and the relevant object information will appear. The token can be moved and rotated, and the pop-up information can be clicked further. Zoom, pan, rotate, etc. on photos and videos. We've made our fair share of apps that utilize tracking capabilities for basically anything.

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Feature and advantage

  • Recognize sensitive and stable, maximum support 13 tangible marks.

  • Provide SDK/API, you can get Token position and rotate angle. You can make a new application.

  • Provide a free application where you can review new display content.

  • Support custom new applications.

Token form

Tangible style

Ring style

Tangible style1

Tangible style

Application scenario


Company showroom


car showroom




Token display

If you don't want to use tokens to view the corresponding media elements, you can visit the 3D tour viewing page to see how we use tokens to roam a virtual digital 3D space.


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Product configuration



1. Number of tokens supported: 12

2. Support shape customization


Identification screen

1.4K screen

2. High precision identification



1. Windows system

2. Run software


Supported tokens: 12
Capacitance induction point: 220
Token LOGO: Free
Substitute material: Yourself

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Immersive projection is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of Immersive entertainment and experience. Immersive projection is a multimedia representation based on projection technology that uses the form of projection for playback, aiming to create an immersive sensory experience for the audience. It can make a comprehensive and boundless immersive environment by projecting various media elements, such as images, videos, audio, etc., on different surfaces, such as large screens, walls, and floors. It is widely used for Immersive Entertainment and Immersive Experience.

Immersive Projection can be used in Immersive Experience, Immersive Interactive and Immersive Space, inculding interactive projection mapping software, immersive equipment displays or multi-wall projector is typically used in multimedia interactive venues such as museums, technology museums, theme pavilions, restaurants, exhibition halls, museums, technology museums, immersive/tunnels, etc. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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