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Outdoor Screen Game


3D interactive games


Have you ever seen an ad LED screen on the top corner of the mall, the plaza, or the venue? Now we have equipped a high-tech inspiration for the large LED. We change it to a considerable game-screen outdoor. All the visitors can participate in the game activity by using a mobile phone to scan the QR code on the big screen. They can leave messages in the game scene or play games together. It’s an excellent way to gather popularity; sponsors can implant their ad information into the game. Compared with other classic games, our customized games have a perspective view. All attendees could feel naked-eye 3D vision special effects-the moving objects may burst through the window at any time, which may produce spectacular impacts on the audiences.

Outdoor Screen Games

AR screen

You can use the physical digital gun Shoot the target in the Screen,it make the Naked eye 3D Screen interactive with visitors.It will attract more people to pay attention to your advertisement.

Outdoor Screen Game

Use your phone to scan the QR code then you can input text or select a picture from your phone and send it to the big screen, so everyone can see your words and pictures.


LED pitch size: P8 or larger
Outdoor Brightness: 5000 cd/m2
Display area and resolution: Unlimited
Video Processor:

need support Screen Zoom and Multi-Screen Processing

Perspective view:

around fixed observe point

fixed observe point distance: 15 meters or more


Outdoor Screen Game is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of interactive installation and outdoor activities. Outdoor Screen Game uses an LED screen for playback. By picking up a realistic shooting gun outdoors, you can complete outdoor naked-eye 3D extensive screen shooting. You can choose how many people can play together based on your budget. If you purchase multiple sets of hardware devices, you can play with various people at the same time. It is widely used for interactive installations and outdoor activities.

Outdoor Screen Game, also known as 3D interactive games or AR screen is commonly used for advertising display in commercial streets, squares, supermarkets, building walls, and other places. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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