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For the interactive exhibition of digital content on the desktop, Kleader has developed four Interactive tabletop projector solutions, namely infrared camera + laser solution, radar solution, Infrared camera + infrared light solution and somatosensory solution. It integrates picture browsing, video, and games with customisable content and standard templates!

Infrared Camera + Laser Solution Finger Motion Detect  Solution
Projection Table Interactive tabletop projector

The laser should be fixed on the table, and the Infrared camera should hang on the top, when you touch the table, it can detect an interactive signal.

It only needs one Kinect V2.0 Sensor hanging on the top, when you touch the table,it can detect interactive signals
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Radar Solution Infrared Camera + Infrared light Solution
table touching Infrared Camera + Infrared light Solution
The Radar should fix on the table, when you touch the table,it can detect interactive signals Through the Camera and Laser as interactive sensors, you can interact with software elements, you can touch the software buttons, and zoom the elements. we also can provide SDK for you.
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Feature And Advantage

● All software support change contents and images.

● Provide SDK,and free guidance.

● Support Customize new software according to your demand.


Projection resolution: 1024 * 768/ 1920 * 1200
Display Device: Projectors
Interaction method: Touch or object recognition
Projection area diameter: 2M or less

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Projection Table is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of interactive display and exhibition. The Projection Table uses an all-in-one machine or projection for playback, presenting a new interactive experience for the audience. More interesting operation methods can be introduced through tokens. Object recognition technology enables the screen to automatically recognize the detailed information contained within the module, presenting these contents to the audience in a clear and intuitive form, making the viewing experience more vivid and rich. Widely used for interactive displays and exhibitions.

Interactive tabletop projector includes various products, such as smart touch table, Table projection mapping, table touching, Interactive Table, and so on. It is usually used in exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums, school history museums, themed exhibition halls, shopping malls, scenic spots, schools, parent-child interaction sites, restaurants, and other multimedia interactive venues. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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