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Robotic Arm Screen


Robotic Arm Screen


Robotic Arm Screen is a robotically controlled video display which uses an industrial robot arm and a programmable controller to move a video display screen in three-dimensional space. Together, this software and system allow the user to create fluid and artistic motion of video screens in 3D space for entertainment events, installations, and other applications.Robot Animator is a software plugin for Autodesk® Maya® animation software that allows the user to animate the motion of an industrial robot and convert the animated motion to robot control code for a Robot Screen display.

Robotic arm display
Robotic Arm Screen


● Support signal control,transform,rotation.

● Support heavy weight.

● Smart interactive.

Robotic arm display


Robotic Arm Screen is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of exhibition and interactive display. The Robotic Arm Screen is a creative device that uses an LCD screen for playback, integrating various styles such as technology and mechanics and has a stunning sense of technology. The giant robotic arm, combined with a high-definition screen, creates an exciting interactive experience for viewers. It is widely used in exhibitions and Interactive Displays.

Robotic Arm Screen, also known as Robotic arm display, is commonly used in multimedia interactive venues such as exhibition halls, museums, technology museums, themed exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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