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Unlike often-used sensors in museums, exhibition halls, or even the multimedia industry, such as an infrared camera, a body sensor, or a touch screen, sometimes, we may need a bespoke sensor to match your usage scenario. Now we develop an RFID to detect which objects are lying on and use a rotatory knob button to operate the software naturally instead of a mouse&keyboard. You can also take the two sensors apart, using them separately.

In addition, all the software material we provide can be substituted to match your usage scenario. If you need RFID recognition, stick a tiny chip on the bottom of the object. We will offer dozens of tiny recognizing chips and SDK to develop the game.

virtual recognition wall
Knob Chip Recognition
  • The knob module can recognize rotation, press, and long press operations

  • The chip identification module can identify chip information

  • Provide free SDK/API to facilitate the development of new applications

  • Free presentation software is provided.

Default Type

Chip identification virtual recognition wall

Chip Type

Knob Chip Recognition

Size: 7cmx4cmx0.4cm

Support customized Image on the card.

Chip identification

Size: 1.4cmx0.1cm

Can be pasted directly to the bottom of the  identified object.

Product Set Up

virtual recognition wall



Any brand project or Led screen.



Run software and receive the input signal.


Knob Chip Recognition

RFID Reader & control button.


Project Screen

Display computer image signal.


Display resolution and area: Unlimited
You prepare kits: computer, display device, identifing objects and cables.
Display Device: LEDs,projectors, or LCD screens
substitute material: yourself
OPS computer:

[CPU]: I5-10400F

[Motherboard]: MSI

[RAM]: 8G

[Hard Disk]: Solid State  240G

[Graphics Card]: NVIDIA Quadro T400 2GB+ with active MINIdp to HDMI adapter *1

[Operating System]: Windows 10 Professional Editio

Different  Schemes

Knob Chip Recognition Chip identification
按钮23 按钮23
virtual recognition wall Knob Chip Recognition
按钮23 按钮23


Knob Chip Recognition is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of exhibition and Interactive Display. Knob Chip Recognition adopts knob control technology, interactive projection technology, and 3D dynamic demonstration technology. A model icon is set up on a circular or square desktop, and the audience can rotate the knob controller on the fluctuating desktop. After selecting one of them at will, a beam of light will appear on the screen to connect with the audience from the designated area, and multimedia introduction materials about the area will be transmitted to the audience. This rotary interaction can be utilized to create new information query systems or display formats. It is widely used in exhibitions and Interactive Displays.

Knob Chip Recognition, also known as Chip identification, displayed on a virtual recognition wall, is commonly used in technology museums, planning halls, exhibition halls, exhibitions, museums, corporate exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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