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What Is Interactive Floor?


Interactive projection on the ground is one of the popular projection display methods at present and in the future. It uses a high-lumen projector to project images on the ordinary ground, producing various magical images. For example, the projected picture is a tree-lined path, and when people walk over the projected area on the ground, the flowers on the roadside will swing like a breeze, Giving people an immersive feeling, vivid and vivid. 


Second, the principle of interactive projection on the ground The interactive projection on the ground is to capture and shoot people's actions through capture devices (sensors) and then analyze them to produce a variety of actions. Actions are made up of action data combined with a real-time image interaction system so that participants can interact with the ground. The ground projection system software will provide a combination of interactive sensing and image display, and all special programs will make the image generation and interactive sensing change synchronously so as to achieve the interactive display effect of projection. 


Composition of interactive projection on the ground 1. Signal acquisition: Capture and shoot according to the needs of interactive users. Capture equipment includes video camcorder, infrared sensor, thermal camera, etc. 2. Signal processing: analyze the data collected in real-time, and combine the generated data with the virtual scene system; 3. Imaging part: The projector or other imaging equipment is used to present the image in a specific position. The imaging equipment can be used as the carrier of interactive images except for projector plasma display, liquid crystal display and LED screen.

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