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What Is Video Interactive Guidance?

There is certainly great buzz about video interactive guidance. So, what exactly a video interactive guidance is? Actually, VIG (Video Interaction Guidance) is a process that helps parents to learn how to communicate with their bump/baby.

The main objective behind video interaction guidance is to achieve desired positive communication out of the process. You might find it a bit confusing. Thus, you need to keep exploring this post to learn more about the same.

What Is Video Interaction Guidance?

A video interaction guidance or video interactive guidance is a kind of intervention where parents are guided to display on motion clips of interactions with their baby.

Here, you should know that VIG is an authentic evidence-based option for parents. If you want to achieve desired results out of the same, you need to explore interactive projection and how to use interactive video guidance.

1 – How to Start Video Interactive Guidance

If you want to learn how to start video interaction guidance or interactive guidance, you need to get in touch with a VIG guider. He is a professional who knows how to help parents using innovative video interactive guidance process. He would discuss various aspects and matters that you need to know as a parent.

You along with VIG professional need to discuss how you both can concentrate on productive sessions using interactive video wall. You also need to discuss what exactly you want to achieve out of this process.

For this, you need to take a few questions into consideration such as –

·        How can I get more information about my baby?

·        How can I help my little baby to feel safe?

·        How can I as a parent develop my own confidence?

·        How can I work on difficult thought process?

2 – Time to Create a Short Video

Once, you complete above mentioned process, you need to create a short video of the sessions. By using interactive floor projector, you can play a short video to know its pros and cons. When you start feeling comfortable, you need to get a video created of you along with your baby.

Since the video should be of short length, you need to concentrate on achieving desired communication results out of the same.

If you feel uncomfortable or deal with unwanted emotions, your VIG guider will help you to learn how to get rid of the same.

3 – Evaluate the Video Clip

Having created a short video along with your bump-baby, you need to evaluate the same. The reason behind evaluating the video is to find out whether it works or not. Whether you use interactive video wall or interactive art installations, you will always find evaluating video clips can help you to make a good decision.

You need to go through the video clip to discuss its pros and cons with your guider. A VIG guider will get feedback from parents about the video. It’s just like interactive museum exhibits the interactive art installations.

So, you need to accept the fact that interactive video guidance can help parents building solid communication with their baby.

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