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windows interactive floor installation video

How to connect hardware

How to debug software

Two projectors: interactive fusion floor

interactive fusion floor

Infrared sensor connection

single iFloor

Infrared interactive projection documentInfrared interactive projection document.pdf

Lidar sensor connection

Welcome to our Windows Interactive Floor installation and effect demonstration video! In this exciting video, we show you how this innovative technology can turn your floor into an interactive digital platform, giving you an interactive experience like never before. Before you begin, we provide detailed instructions for installation preparation and then demonstrate the steps of the installation process to ensure you can complete it easily and correctly. Detailed introduction to Windows Interactive Floor's sensor technology, how to debug and calibrate the system, and show how to connect the equipment to ensure the system can operate properly. can be accurately identified. Entering the interactive experience segment, we will demonstrate the scenario of multiple users participating at the same time, and how Windows Interactive Floor provides a more natural and intuitive interaction method through gesture control. In this part, we will show the practical application of Windows Interactive Floor in different application scenarios, including home entertainment, commercial exhibitions, education and training, etc. Finally, we'll cover some solutions to common problems to help you get better use of Windows Interactive Floor. Thank you for watching our Windows Interactive Floor installation and effect demonstration video!

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