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3D Glass Special Effect Screen


3D glass special effect screen


Glass LED special effect screen, also called LED glass plank road special effect screen, net red glass bridge, 3d plank road fragmentation special effect screen, Glass plank road special effect screen, is to install a digital visual effect screen under the conventional glass plank road, which can realize the interaction with the human body that People can step on. Once on the plank road, the glass under your feet will be broken and cracked, which is very interesting and exciting! In addition to broken glass, there are more than 60 sets of picture materials, such as fish walking, flowers growing step by step, ocean waves, football playing, piano playing, etc., for free! The glass LED special effect screen can be used in scenic spots, playgrounds, shopping malls, corridors, flyovers, pedestrian streets, science and technology museums and other places., The popularity is very high, known as the net red glass bridge! It can attract customers, and the effect is perfect.

Floor LED Screen
Floor LED Screen

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3D glass special effect screen Floor LED Screen LED tempered glass
3D glass special effect screen Floor LED Screen LED tempered glass


If the above effects do not satisfy you?Don’t worry

3D glass special effect screen

We also free provide the effect production software, you can make the effect by yourself, and you can do everything below by yourself, and not need a programmer :

Custom background

Touch to produce special effects

Scene elements

Easy operation

We have a professional software and hardware development team that can tailor services for you, if you have any needs, please contact us.

How Does It Work

Floor LED Screen



Player Software control led screen imag


Transparent tempered glass


Regular LED screen

Show game images



Detect interactive signal send to software show effects


Interactive area and resolution: Unlimited
You prepare kits: computer, LEDs, cables and glass bridge.
Led pitch size: P3.91
LED Waterproof: No need, because they fixed under glass
SDK: free support
Using environment: outdoors


3D Glass LED Special Effect Screen is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of outdoor activities and interactive installation. The Glass LED Special Effect Screen is played by the LED screen. Tourists walk on the glass walkway above the cliff, and suddenly the glass walkway at their feet "cracks" at its foothold, accompanied by the sound of "clicking" glass fragmentation, the effect is realistic. Using interactive radar touch technology and shattering effects to present a realistic glass shattering effect on LED screens. It is widely used for outdoor activities and interactive installations.

3D Glass LED Special Effect Screen, also known as Floor LED Screen or LED tempered glass, is commonly used in tourist attractions, scenic spots, parks, and shopping malls. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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