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3D Light Projection


3D Light Projection


It's an art light installation that can be used in the ad campaign hall. We use many small cute square lights to make up the advertiser's brand or the ad campaign's central theme. All the lights will come on gradually in a fixed order when someone touches one of them to form a marvellous view.

In addition, we can use projectors' light to combine with the lights. It can produce more abundantly dazzling effects.

Interactive lighting   Interactive Light

Product Set Up

light projection mapping



Run software and send singal to light controller



Power supply for lights 220V



Receive the computer signal and control the light off and on



Detect interactive position



DMX512 type control light

Application Scenario

Garden Shopping Mall Art Gallery
Garden Shopping Mall Art Gallery

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3D Light Projection is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of outdoor activities and interactive displays. Someone can immediately react by touching and emitting a different light from before. The default light will automatically flow, and the overall colour will undergo colourful changes of 255 colours. When there are changes, the traces of touch will automatically flow, achieving good interactive effects. It is widely used for outdoor activities and Interactive Displays.

3D Light Projection, also known as Interactive lighting, light projection mapping or Interactive Light, is typically used in multiple locations such as tourist attractions, shopping malls, scenic spots, parks, restaurants, and more. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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