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interactive window display


Sticking a piece of electric film onto the transparent show window changes the ordinary glass to the projection screen. If the projector is turned on, the film will turn gray, so it can display the projection picture so the advertisers can show their ad material. Also, the gray film will block the projector's light through the glass, not stimulating visitors' eyes. When the projector turns off, the film will turn transparent immediately so the passerby can look through the glass to see what the store sells. 

In addition, we can add a touch function on the show window advertising screen. Making a simple display software engages passersby to click the hologram window. Therefore the clients can touch the display information to see the details of the commodity. Even if the store is closed, the clients can still place a purchase order if they are satisfied with the goods. They can leave their contact info and what they are interested in. Then, the shop owner can contact them the next day to confirm the order. That means the store is open 24 hours without increasing any extra workforce.

Varieties of Scenario

Window projection(Option to add interactive features) Storefront Games
window advertising screen Holographic Window Display
You can achieve high-definition content projection on regular transparent glass, allowing visitors to interact with and clearly explore displayed products through touch during both day and night. The size of the showcase is unrestricted, and the interaction is responsive without any interference. It can also support the integration and creation of larger interactive screens through any channel and in any manner.

The storefront can be configured with various interactive games, such as storefront pinball, allowing people to not only pass by but also linger and enjoy themselves. While gaining a large wave of popularity, it achieves nearly "zero-cost" viral marketing.

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Transparent LED Film Storefront Interactive Device
interactive holographic projection holographic projection screen
Utilizing the innovative LED transparent screen - a thin, highly transparent, and lightweight adhesive transparent screen that can be seamlessly joined and custom-cut as needed! It offers vibrant and high-definition displays for images, videos, and more. Creative Storefront Interactive Devices that not only satisfy curiosity but also enhance brand promotion and advertising effectiveness! We have a wide range of creative installations available for inquiries.
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Transparent LED Film Case

Window projection

translucent projection screen

Product Set Up

transparent projection screen

1 2 3


1.Receive sensor interactive signal

2.Run interactive software

Display Device

Any kind of digital display device like a projector,Led screen,or monitor.etc


Detect interactive signals and transmit them to interactive software.


Display resolution and area: Unlimited
Each sensor cover size:

3*2.3m,support cascade

Projection method: Rear projection

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Window advertising screen is one of the very popular and applied products in the field of Hologram projectors and holograms. Hologram Window Touch is played in the form of projection, which is based on the principle of holographic projection. It divides the light into two parts, one part passing through the grating of the displayed object to form three-dimensional information of the object, and the other part as a reference light propagating through the same path, ultimately converging the two parts of the light at the same position to form a three-dimensional image. This technology can present realistic three-dimensional images of displayed objects on a transparent screen, bringing a very strong visual impact and experience to the audience. It is widely used for hologram projectors and holograms.

interactive window display, also known as an interactive holographic project, rear projection, window projection, window advertising screen, interactive touch screen projector,transparent screen for projector, transparent projection screen, Interactive Store Windows, translucent projection screen or holographic project screen, Holographic Window Display, is usually used in shopping malls, museums, exhibition centers, brand chain stores, automobile 4S stores, star hotels, shopping centers, commercial curtains, sightseeing elevators, glass walkway, airport stations, and other occasions. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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