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Our company specializes in developing versatile interactive media playback systems, encompassing various interactive modes such as projection touch interaction, object interaction, button control interaction, touch-enabled light box displays, and human body detection. These systems not only display images and videos but also allow you to easily customize their content.

Projection touch-sensitive playback Physical touch-sensitive playback
2 3
This is an interactive system that triggers the playback of videos or images by touching projection elements. The projected content can be freely designed and modified, enhancing the variety of display styles. This is an interactive system that triggers the playback of videos or images by touching real objects or specific areas. You can touch different real-world elements to display corresponding video content or images. This provides a more engaging way to introduce these elements.
按钮23 按钮23

Light box touch-sensitive playback Physical tag touch-sensitive playback
4 5
When you touch different lightboxes, they can light up, and at the same time, the large screen can play the corresponding video or image elements. This is an innovative product that combines the virtual and the physical.

By touching various colored patterns on the wall, you can trigger the responsive playback of videos and images. You can customize a wide range of physical touch-sensitive playback devices, including physical shapes, styles, and video content.

按钮23 按钮23

Button Interaction playback Human body detection playback
6 7
Each button represents a different category, and pressing a button allows you to display different images or video content. We can provide an SDK/API for this functionality. When it detects the presence of a person passing by, it triggers sensor-based playback, making it an excellent choice for playing video materials, product advertisements, and more.
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Open and Close Sensor playback Laser Pen playback
8 1
When you open or close the drawer, the sensor can detect this change in status and control the triggering operation of the software. Clicking on a physical object through the red laser point of the laser pointer will trigger the sensor and control the playback of videos or pictures.
按钮23 按钮23

Feature And Advantage

  • Rich sensing devices

Complete range of sensing devices, many sensing types, and many sensing modes

  • Multiple application scenarios

Can be used in various exhibition halls and any specific places

  • Support SDK/API

You can customize own game and content.


Sensor installations are one of the most popular and applied products in the field of exhibition and Interactive Display. Sensor installations is played using projection, LED screen, or all-in-one device. It can display rich content such as images, text, and audio. Touching various types of sensing objects/projections triggers the playback of videos/images. We can also feel the convenient and intuitive display brought by technology while exclaiming at the exquisite induction effects! It is widely used in Interactive playgrounds and Sports Games.

Sensor installations, also known as interactive sensory wall, interactive equipment, museum interactive installations, are typically used in multimedia interactive venues such as exhibition halls, museums, technology museums, theme pavilions, shopping malls, scenic spots, schools, enterprises, medical structures, training institutions, etc. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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