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Wall Art Light


Interactive Lights


We usually see all kinds of lights flowing from one dot to another automatically when walking on the pedestrian street or the plaza. We can build an interactive light wall installation to engage passersby to remain and linger. The sponsors can put their logos or words into the light system. Then the image will trace visitors’ bodies when they move.They can also experience other interaction methods, like flipping, some prominent colour shapes tracking, etc.

NOTE: KLEADER mainly offers effect customization for externally controlled lights, not only selling mature light interactive effects.

Flip Effect Word Follow
lighted wall art Word Follow
In standby mode, the picture of the unit will appear on the wall, and when people approach the corresponding picture, the picture will automatically flip. You can design a word, and when you walk near the screen ,the word will follow with you
Image Follow Shadow Follow
Image Follow Shadow Follow
You can design an image, and when you walk near the screen, the image will follow with you

When you appear in front of the screen, a figure will appear in front of your screen corresponding to you. The figure will move with you as if it is a copy of you running with you.

Product Set Up

light play

1 2 3


Run program and send software signal to the screen


Detect interactive signal and send to software


Support projector/LED screen/DMX512 light.


Display Device:

LEDs,external dmx 512 dot-lights

Sensing Distance: Unlimited
Accuracy: 0.5m
Visual effect: regular five themes, support customized
Prepared yourself kits: Tower, dispplay device, Senors, cables and light control device.
Behavior detection: stroll, jog

substitute material:

yourself, 2D images as elements

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Wall Art Light is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of outdoor activities and interactive installation. The arrangement and combination of light pixel blocks are adopted, and the audience can activate these pixel modules by touching or lighting. It is widely used for outdoor activities and interactive installations.

Iighted wall art,, usually regard as one kind of  Interactive Lighting Installation or light play, is commonly used in outdoor places such as shopping malls, scenic spots, parks, etc. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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