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Golf is a fantastic sport that not only provides physical exercise but also helps cultivate one's character. For those who find it challenging to locate suitable golf courses, the task can indeed be daunting. However, our company has developed a virtual golf simulator product. Such a product allows people to experience the real essence of golf right in the comfort of their homes, which is truly remarkable. Providing more individuals with the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of golf is something we are passionate about.

Feature And Advantage

Professional-grade hardware detection system

virtual golf hardware Integrated with two high-speed cameras, easy to install, providing comprehensive 3D stereoscopic detection of ball speed and angle data.

Realistic golf course software simulation

virtual golf course simulation

Realistic ball throwing function, selection of nine hitting modes, action replay, and swing analysis system,support 1-8 players

High-definition high-speed camera sensor

virtual golf camera

High-definition camera recording, supporting a playback system for reviewing footage. After hitting the ball, you can save your shot video to a storage device

100+ maps of globally renowned golf courses

virtual golf maps1

Realistic aerial view of the golf course, 1:1 authentic replication of the course environment

How Does It Work

how does virtual golf work



Run application



Display Image

3 Sensor+ camera

Detect golf speed and angle and Record data

4 All in one machine

Game operations and controls

Installation Process

Installation process1

Step 1

First, carry out soft wall and ceiling decoration. Soft padding can prevent the ball from rebounding off the walls, thus avoiding injury and damage to property.

Installation process2

Step 2

Floor pattern decoration, designed and laid according to the ball return system, installation of fully automatic ball dispensers, buttons adjustable for tee height, and automatic ball release.

Installation process3

Step 3

Installation of curtains, equipped with special thickened hitting cloth for the simulator, woven with warp yarn for exceptional durability, preventing unraveling or breaking.

Installation process4

Step 4

Installation of a projector, using a customized engineering-grade projector, providing clear and lifelike image quality, with every detail vividly presented.

Installation process5

Step 5

Ground decoration includes platform shaping and laying of turf, which prevents the ball from bouncing erratically. The platform is designed with a slope, allowing the ball to roll back to the floor without the need for retrieval.

Installation process6

Step 6

3D indoor golf simulator combines golfing with a home theater, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and stylish lifestyle without leaving home.


Venue size: 9mL x 4mWx 3mH
Resolution: 1920*1080
Environment: Indoor
PC: 【CPU】I5-7500


【Hard Disk】: Solid State 128G

【Graphics card】:GTX3060-4G

【Operating System】: Windows 10 Professional Edition

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