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Interactive Fitness games,different from traditional fitness training, include many training games that let you have a fantastic fitness time.

Fitness Train System(10 training modes) Forest Aerobics
fitness gaming interactive gym
This system includes 10 different profational training modes: ①Relay race②Switchback run③Lunge④Balance training⑤Butt training⑥Squat jump⑦Squat jump rope⑧Jogging in place⑨Waist training⑩Response training. The player can follow a coach and animals to do the aerobics, it’s a fantastic fitness scene.                            
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Fitness Coach Jump Rope Body Sensor Energy Boxing
interactive gym wall AR Fitness Games Immersive Fitness
Put the player into the centre of the stage, then the player needs to follow the dance moves and music to dance, and the system will give the scoring base on each dance move.

This game includes a lot of nursery rhymes, and the bear will guide the children on how to dance to these songs; children need to follow the dance moves to get the score.

Players can get points by hitting the energy balls in order with both hands; if the order is wrong, a certain amount of points will be deducted. As the game progresses, the number of energy balls will gradually increase, and the difficulty will increase. Come and burn your calories together!

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Interactive Fitness Number of supported players: 1~2 player              

Your purchase includes one theme of your choice and you can purchase additional themes separately. We also have a discounted package rate for all the themes. Contact us for more information.

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Product Set Up

interactive exercise

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Support any resolution projector or Led screen


Control the software, can support booting the game to start automatically, and automatically switch games at regular intervals.


KinectV2.0-detect human motion


Single screen resolution: Regular 1920 *1080(HD)
Projection cave area and resolution: Unlimited
Using environment: Indoor or outdoors

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Interactive Fitness is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of immersive experience and sports interaction. Interactive Fitness is played in the form of projection, combining large-screen interaction with fitness projects to provide fitness guidance standards for fitness enthusiasts. Integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence visual recognition, big data analysis, and holographic large screens. By using holographic screens, animated guidance, and multi-touch methods, the exerciser can achieve fitness effects in entertainment and reduce the boredom of fitness. It is widely used for immersive experiences and sports interaction.

Interactive Fitness, also known as  AR Fitness Games, Immersive Fitness, interactive gym wall, gym games, fitness gaming, digital exercise, interactive gym, gym games, interactive exercise, interactive gym, Interactive Fitness Equipment, gym games, is commonly used in gyms, playgrounds, schools, and parent-child interaction venues. You can see them in the "Entertainment" category.

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