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Interactive Photo Booth


Interactive Photo Booth


When visiting tourist attractions, museums, galleries, malls, or exhibitions, visitors may need to take photos or record videos to share the moments on their social media like Instagram. For the hosts, many visitors sharing the photos containing their advertising information can engage more traffic to come into their spots. KLEADER are selling an interactive real-time photo booth system to address the issue.The system can capture your figures in the real background or virtual background in real time. The system can still work well even without a green background for keying. Traditionally, visitors use a touchscreen to operate the soft, but KLEADER creates an innovative way, using body sensors and gestures, which easily triggers visitors' curiosity to try.

Smart Photo Booth

Features And Advantage

● The Kinect camera can perform keying image with or without a green background, but it works better with a green background than with no green background.Players can also achieve photography, recording video and other functions.

● Support change content by yourself.

● Support save image and share.

Product Set Up

Interactive Photo Booth

1 2 3


1.Receive sensor interactive signals

2.Run interactive software

Display Device

Any kind of digital display device like projector, Led screen, or monitor.etc


Detect interactive signals and transmit them to interactive software .

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Interactive Photo Booth is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of Augmented Reality and AR games. Interactive Photo Booth uses Digital Signage for playback, supporting not only the green background and no background but also two control modes with and without buttons. The characteristic advantage of this software is that the background mode has weak lighting requirements, and the activities and exhibition halls are straightforward to arrange. You can also generate QR codes to share photos or videos! It is widely used in Augmented Reality and AR games.

Interactive Photo Booth, also known as Smart Photo Booth, is commonly used in tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, technology museums, shopping malls, scenic spots, children's parks, schools, and other places. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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