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Interactive Sports Wall


Interactive Sports Wall


The interactive sports wall reinvents the sports entertainment market by combining sports and games. We integrate tennis, football, basketball and 10-plus kids’ games,Suitable for all kinds of sports venues.

Three Typs Of Sports Themes

Basketball Game
Basketball Game interactive wall game
Basketball training game, which combines single-player training, double-player battle, mobile rebound mode and team training mode. Various modes meet different training needs.

Football Game
interactive football Football Game
The penalty shootout game uses a combination of virtual and real games for interaction, the game interaction between the real ball and the goalkeeper on the screen, and the football line is restored from multiple angles.

Wall Game
Wall Game Interactive Basketball
Dynamic capture technology is used to realize the real-time interaction between people and the dynamic image on the wall. When children touch or hit the game elements in the scene with their hands or the ocean ball, various interactive effects will appear, and they will be rewarded with points.

Product Set Up

virtual sports



support any resolution projector or LED Screen.



Control the software, can support booting the software to start automatically.



Detect interactive signals and transmit them to interactive software.


Projector screen/LED Screen

Screen displays the computer image signal.



Projection resolution: Regular 1920 *1200(HD) or less
Essential kits:

Sensors and games.

You are supposed to prepare a computer and a projector.

Ambient light: Moderate or less


Interactive Sports Wall is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of Sports Games and Interactive playgrounds. Interactive Sports Wall is played in the form of projection, which can display rich content such as images, text, videos, etc., especially various interesting interactive games. The audience can interact with the content on the projection screen using their limbs or interactive devices, which can leave a deep impression on the players and achieve good promotional effects. Widely used in Interactive playgrounds and Sports Games.

KLEADER's Interactive Sports Wall includes various products such as interactive wall games, interactive football, interactive basketball, MultiBall Interactive Learning Projection Game, virtual sports or Indoor Sports Solutions, and more. It is usually used in places such as amusement parks, squares, children's parks, schools, and entertainment venues. You can see them in the "Entertainment" category.

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