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Led Wall Waterfall


Led Wall Waterfall


It’s an astonishing art installation set up in a hall or an entry wall, which casts a digital waterfall covering the gate with LEDs. When the waterfall flows onto the gate, it will divide naturally like a rock blocking the water flow. It brings an impressive visual shock and a natural vitality to the guests.

Digital video wall
LED Waterfall screen

Product Set Up

Virtual Waterfall

Projector/Led screen

Support any brand and resolution display device


Run software and play waterfall video

Projectior Area

Display PC signal

Application Scenario

Company lobby

Company lobby

Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

Dining Room

Dining Room


Led Wall Waterfall is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of 3D display and 3D projector holography. Led Wall Waterfall is played using an LED screen, perfectly presenting the beautiful and stunning visual effects of the waterfall using multimedia technology, achieving a combination of doors and waterfalls, making it highly enjoyable to watch! It's a great idea for welcoming guests! Achieve good publicity results. It is widely used in Interactive playgrounds and Sports Games.

Led Wall Waterfall, also known as Digital video wall, LED Waterfall screen, Digital Waterfall, or Virtual Waterfall, is commonly used in exhibition halls, museums, technology centres, shopping malls, enterprises, exhibition halls, bars, office buildings, hotels, and other places. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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