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Smart Mirrors also known as Magic Mirror Touch Screens, provide a commercial grade LCD display solution with multi-touch technology which transform the display into a mirror when not in use. These Interactive Mirror Displays integrate with both modern and traditional interiors and are perfect for retail changing rooms, exhibition display stands, live events, car showrooms and so much more.These Smart Mirror touch screens consist of a commercial grade LCD display combined with a Magic Mirror overlay and IR touch frame. The solution is plug & play and can be set up in minutes! Simply connect the Magic Mirror Display to your Media Player or PC via HDMI and the touch overlay via USB. The technology operates as a USB human interface device which effectively transforms your finger into the mouse so no specialist touch software is required – any content you can click with the mouse you can simply touch with your finger instead !

smart mirror
wall makeup mirror

Feature And Advantage

1.Touch: Two-button control, one-button control of lighting and defogging.

2.Dimming: Promise dimming and color matching. Do what you want, the color of the light, and change the three light colors according to your mood. Light brightness, bright or dim as you choose.

3. Safety: The electrical appliances are fully enclosed, and all intelligent electrical modules and components are sealed in an insulating electrical box. IP44 protection level, EU export standard, waterproof, anti-leakage, make smart more secure.

4. Waterproof: LED light strips are preferred, and high-brightness, energy-saving, waterproof imported LED light strips are used. The best LED chip, high color rendering, no flicker, low light decay, durable. Waterproof, anti-leakage, make smart more secure.

5. Defogging: The temperature-controlled defogging technology, the craftsman's heart intelligent one-button, quick defogging mirror surface is no longer foggy. Reject water stains on the mirror surface and make the mirror surface fresh and clear.

6. Explosion-proof: safety mirror, the mirror surface will not splash even under the impact of external force. Each mirror is treated with high-viscosity explosion-proof film. Effectively protect personal safety.

7. Magnifying glass: 3x high-definition magnification, 3x detail magnification, so that face magnification is not blurred, and makeup shaving is more convenient. Best used within 15CM.

8. Environmental protection: high-definition silver mirror, EU standard copper-free environmental protection high-definition silver mirror. The coating is made of silver nitrate, which is not easy to oxidize and rust. The non-blackening and copper-free environmental protection mirror is more durable and healthy.

9. No punching: no punching installation (default wall mount, if you need punching free installation, please consult customer service)

Different  Schemes

Product size: 800MM*600MM (side lighting), 800MM*600MM (front lighting), 1000MM*800MM

Screen size: 16/22/24/27/32/43 inches

Description: Side light models: 800*600 can support up to 32 inches, 600*800 can support up to 24 inches; front light models: 800*600 can support up to 27 inches, 600*800 can support up to 22 inches; 1000*800 can support up to 43 inches, and 800*1000 can support up to 32 inches.

Brightness: 500 cd/m² (Typ.)

Resolution: 1920(RGB)×1080, FHD, 102PPI

Viewing angle: 89/89/89/89 (Typ.) (CR≥10)

Operating System: Android OS 8.1 (RK3288)

Touch Type: G+G Capacitive 10 Point Touch

Ambient Lighting: 6500K/4500K/3500K Color Temperature Adjustment And Brightness Adjustment, Support Personalized Customization

On/Off Screen: Touch the switch, double tap to turn off the screen, tap to turn on the screen.

Theme color change: Support multi-color display and customization.

Sensing module: Preset, Sensing Distance30~80cm

Windows version: I5/8G memory/128g solid state/WIFI.

Android version: 2GB 64bit/16GB EMMC/WIFI.

This device only contains hardware and operating system, the software needs to be downloaded from the application store or customized by us.


Mirror size:

1000MM*800MM or 800MM*600MM

brightness: 500 nits
resolution: 1920×1080
view angle: 89
operation system:

windows :I5/8G/128g SSD/WIFI (extra cost 300)


Touch: G+G capacitive 10 points
ambient lighting: 6500K/4500K/3500K
adjustable switch on/off: Touch
Sensory: Preset: detect distance from 30~80cm


Magic Mirror is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of Interactive Display and Exhibition. Magic Mirror uses a mirror for playback, with an intelligent control interface. After connecting to a smart device, it achieves smart home control through a control port. Users can set their scenarios and gain automatic recognition and management of specific techniques. On the main interface, you can easily access information such as time, weather, temperature, and calendar and enjoy music and news at any time. More internet access, voice interaction, and video chat capabilities. It is widely used in Magic Mirror for Interactive Display and Exhibition.

Magic Mirror, also known as sMagic Mirror,smart mirror,wall mounted makeup mirror,Mirror projection,projector mirror,digital mirror,mirror displaymart mirror, Mirror projection or wall mounted makeup mirror,interactive mirror,interactive mirror or wall makeup mirror is commonly used in application scenarios such as hotels, shopping malls, bathrooms, and conference rooms. You can see them in the "DIY and life encyclopedia" category.

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