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Motion sensing lucky wealth game


There is an innovative idea using an interactive activity-using body sensor game implanted promotion products into the game. The game uses your real-time figures captured by the sensor to hold the falling virtual goods icons. All the icons can be easily substituted by the buyers themselves or we can customize it for you.

During the game, some barriers appear like several bombs. If the players get to them, the scores will be reduced. Also, if you hold more goods. due to the effect of gravity, the goods may fall out of your body. At the end of the game, The more you hold the goods, the higher scores you will get. Now we provide different kinds of goods for holding, such as fruits, envelopes, and gold coins.

Somatosensory 4 Effects Package MR Pick Up the Wealth Wealth Pick Game
Motion Sensing Games Augmented Reality Motion Games motion sensing Microsoft gaming device

Body Sensor 4 Effects Package

It has 4 effects in this package, receiving red envelopes, receive Christmas gifts, Digital stream interaction, and particle waterfall interaction. Move your body and use your body shadow to get the game elements.

Open your arms, catch the treasure, and pour it into the 2-sided box, supporting two-player games. There are two kinds of treasures, gold ingots, and paper money, and the two can cooperate to catch the treasures. Move you body left and right ,control the role move,try to catch the gold coin and not touch the bomb.
see video see video see video

202212011220286123890If the above does not suit you, we can customize new games for you.

Product Set Up

Motion Sensing Games


1.Receive sensor interactive signals

2.Run interactive software

Display Device

Any kind of digital display device like projector, Led screen, or monitor.etc


Detect interactive signals and transmit them to interactive software.


Display area and resolution: Regular 1920 *1200(HD),  5 * 3m or less
Display Device:

LEDs,projectors, or LCD screens

Prepared yourself kits: Tower, LEDs, KINECT2.0+adaptor, cables.
Using environment: Indoor or outdoors
OPS computer:

[CPU]: I5-10400F

[Motherboard]: MSI

[RAM]: 8G

[Hard Disk]: Solid State  240G

[Graphics Card]: NVIDIA Quadro T400 2GB+ with active MINIdp to HDMI adapter *1

[Operating System]: Windows 10 Professional Edition

substitute material:


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Motion sensing lucky wealth game is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of Interactive Games and KINECT. Motion sensing Lucky Wealth game is played in the form of projection, allowing players to control the game type of characters through physical movements. Unlike traditional game control methods such as keyboards, controllers, and mice, kinesthetic games use technologies such as sensors and cameras to perceive players' body movements, thereby achieving game control. It is widely used in Interactive Games and KINECT.

Motion Sensing Lucky Wealth Game, also known as AR Interactive Games,  Motion sensing lucky wealth game, Augmented Reality Motion Games, motion sensing Microsoft gaming device or Motion Sensing Games, is commonly used in multimedia interactive venues such as children's parks, amusement parks, schools, parks, and parent-child interaction sites. You can see them in the "Games" category.

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