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outdoor decorative lights

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We can provide various types of Outdoor decorative lights, including solar garden lights, animal solar lights, hanging outdoor lights, Floating Pool Lights, solar ground lights, LED tube lights. These lights can emit colorful illumination at night and are suitable for different applications such as outdoors, parks, and squares. They can provide entertainment and attract visitors.

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Solar ground lights
Solar wheat field lights

Solar wheat field lights

Produet materialt: PE+ABS ground pins

Produet size: flower head height 16cm*total height 80em

Product color: golden yellow

Light Source: Solar energy


Solar round head reed floor lights

Solar round head reed floor lights

Product materiat: acrylic rod +stainless steel rod 

Product size: φ2cm/2.5cm* H90cm

Product color: red/yellowblue/green/white/pink/rgb 

Light Source: Solar energy


Floating Pool Lights
Floating Pool Lights

Colorful letters

Size: 51*14*27.5cm

Material: PET

Outerboxsize: 47*47*38cm

PowerSupply: USB,remotecontroloperation

Glowing Moon Lamp

Glowing Moon Lamp

Product material: pe material

Product size: height 3.3m*width 2.2m
Product color: colortul

Waterpreof grade . IP⁶5

Solar Powered

Animal solar lights


Product material  FRB  High  light  transmitance 

Product size:1450~410-H1010mm

Product voltage:24V

Produet power  150W

Produet weight:15KG

FRP panda lamp

FRP panda lamp

Product  material:FRB  High  light  transmittance

Product  size.660~480* H560mm

Product   voltage.24V Product    power: 5 0 W 

Product weight  8KG

Outdoors for garden
Love Corridor

Love Corridor

Product material: ron frame paint +light string

Product size: 3 .5 * 2 .8 * 0 . 3m(can be customized) 

Product calor: colorful  rgb (can  be customized) 

Product voltage: 220V

Waterproof grade: IP65

Hanging lights
Hanging lights

LED Forest Breathing Light

Product size: Light φ 160*H320mm

Product Materia: PE materia

Product voltage:  AC220V/AC24V

Powe: 6W

Color: Induction colorful gradient

LED Wandering Globe Ligh

LED glow ball

Product material: PE/acrylic 

Product size: φ15/20/25/30/35/40/50/60cm 

Product voltage: 24V/220V 

Product power: 8W/20W/36W/40W 

Product style: pattern can be customized

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