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Projector Light can create a romantic and good atmosphere, easy and convenient to install, suitable for outdoor parks, buildings, shopping malls, hotel rooms, KTV and other occasions to create a beautiful atmosphere. 

Product Information

Projection Lamp Star Lamp
hologram light projector beam floor projector

Name: Watermark Projector Lamp  

Voltage: 110V-240V

Lifespan: 50000h

Waterproof:—one-body waterproof

Color temperature: 3000K-6000K

Working environment: -40°C~60°C

Color: single color fixed/five color rotation

Body material: aluminum alloy

Product size: 25*20*27cm

Light source: imported lamp beads

Luminous flux: 2500-1200OLM

Function: remote control/DMX/multiple linkage control

Laser light source: laser 1500mw (450nm)

Power: 10w-20w

Colar optioral: red, grean, yellow, blue, white optional eflect

iPrate:outdoor IP65 waterproof equipment

One pack:36*33*22 weight 5KG

Power supply: 100v-240V

A pack of four:69"38*48 weight 20KG

Effect star point, firefly effect

Features: Btnw headight laser Tluarescent technalogy is adopted,and the rradiation area is 1:1.5

Applcable places: ouldoor corridor, landscape, garden lighting

Light source: laser fuorescence techndogy and color chip separation


lens Ratio: 0.36 or 0.7
distance: 20 W within 20m casting distance
working hours: 50000h
Power: 20W or larger
Material: aluminum
colour: black or silver
working temperature: -40°C~60°C

Feature And Advantage

Easy install, plug then play, WaterProof Level: IP67

● Varieties of color can select. Laser Color: RGBYW/white or customized color.

● Support software control, DMX512 protocol.

Show Case

Water Pattern Lamp




Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

Theme Hotel

Theme Hotel



Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions


Projector Light is one of the widely popular and applied products in the field of children's interactive entertainment and multimedia interaction. It has good graphics and interactivity and can be used outdoors to increase traffic. The outdoor projection all-in-one machine adopts a projection method and is widely used in the fields of multimedia interaction and children's interactive entertainment.

Projector light, also known as outdoor projection light, water floor, hologram light projector, beam floor projector, Water Pattern Lamp, Star Lamp, floor projection signage or outdoor imaging light, has high interactivity, viewing ability, and novelty, and can create a good active atmosphere to enhance the on-site atmosphere. A product commonly used in outdoor, shopping malls, squares, and other places. You can find them in tourist attractions and activity categories.

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