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Smart Board


Our company has developed an infrared teaching and conference all-in-one machine, which is suitable for schools/meeting rooms. It includes a common blackboard and a built-in electronic whiteboard, which combines traditional teaching with modern teaching! The smart board combines a large touch screen with an extended sliding blackboard instead of traditional projectors and blackboards. 

Touch screen whiteboard
Sliding Chalkboard

Feature And Advantage

Combination of electronic whiteboard and blackboard,Support real writing and electronic writing

● Including camera, microphone, and front USB port, easy to insert U disk and keyboard and mouse

Product Set Up

smart blackboard

Black board

Traditional blackboard, handwriting teaching.

All In one Touch Machine

include computer , touch screen, USB port and microphone.


Push-pull blackboard:


Color: Dark green, beige, white, black can be selected

material: 0.3mm panel, back:0.22mm steel.

1.0mm aluminium alloy  frame.

inner plate thickness 25mm

plus side seal frame 21cm total thickness

Touch method:


black frame

Resolution: 3840 * 2160

Viewing angle: H:178° V:178°

Brightness: 350 nit


Refresh rate:60 HZ

Precision: 8mm

Response time: 15 ms


CMOS camera embed in the middle  top,

microphone: embed in the two sides.

Microphone Effective distance: 3m

default computer: CPU I7




graphic card:integrated

System:windows 10

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Smart Board is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of Interactive Display and Exhibition. Smart Board is played using a touch all-in-one device, which can be used to display and demonstrate multimedia content. When using, it is necessary to push the blackboard panel back to its original position and then push and pull the whiteboard panel until it can be used. The whiteboard panel can use a whiteboard pen for writing and drawing, as well as magnetic elements to display documents, images, and schedules. It is widely used for Interactive Display and Exhibition.

Smart Board, also known as Smart Blackboardtouch screen whiteboard, interactive touch screens education, Sliding Chalkboard, interactive touch screens for schools, interactive flat panel or blackboard touch screen, is commonly used in various usage scenarios such as schools, kindergartens, training institutions, meeting rooms, offices, and more. You can see them in the "DIY and life encyclopedia" category.

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