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Touch Screen Monitor


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touch screen display


We are the manufactory to provide different types and sizes of Touch screen monitor and Digital kiosk.  We can offer the any touch screen kiosk as you want, such as choosing infrared or capacitance interaction, preferring vertical or horizontal touch screen,  selectting the screen size from 10.1inch to 98 inch,  integrating any accessories you need, etc. Contact KLEADER company.  Not only can we provide hardware, but also we can offer software and tailor games.  We are the most excellent multimedia supermarket in China.


Wall Mount

Wall  Mount

Stand Kiosk

Stand Kiosk

Vertical Stand

Vertical Stand

Mobile Stand

Mobile Stand

Machine Exterior Design

Premium Touch Screen Advertising Machines   |   Diverse Exterior Designs, Custom Options Available

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Environments  |  Excellent Waterproof Performance

 Reliable Qualityand Price Advantage

digital signage kiosk


Floor Standing LCD

Feature And Advantage

  • HD image quality, outstanding performance, display brightness 450cd/㎡, color depth 16.7M, contrast ratio 3000:1

Touch Screen

  • Supports multiple interfaces for easy use

digital kiosk

  • Multi touch sensitive and easy operate.

touch screen display

  • Supports Windows and Android systems, Get what you want

interactive kiosk

  • Ultra-wide-angle IPS display, can be viewed clearly from all angles

interactive touch screen

  • Rich and colorful configurations to choose from

capacitive touch screen

Application Scenario

Floor Standing LCD

AD display

Touch Screen Kiosk

Education Industry

Company meeting

Company meeting

Information query

Information query


Touch method:

No/Capacitive/Infrared touch fram

Resolution: 1920*1080/3840*2160
Viewing angle: H:178° V:178°
default computer:





graphic card:integrated

System:windows 10

size available : 10"/13"/15"/18"/21"/23"/27"/32"/43"/49"/50"/55"/65"/75"/75"/85"

PC,TOUCH,speakers(2*5 W),wooden package

You prepare kits: Reserve only the power supply
Tailor aspects: You can custom your own configuration,such as whether support touch or not,the method of touch,IR or CAP.You can also change the size of screen and the performance of computer. All you need's just tell your requirement to the seller. In two hours,he'll response you the quotation.    In additional, you can buy  " K '' model or mobile bracket together with your horizontal screen.

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Touch Screen is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of EXHIBITION and Interactive Display. It can display rich content, including images, text, audio, and other high-tech devices that combine high-definition touch screens, speech recognition, and artificial intelligence technologies. It is widely used for exhibitions and Interactive Displays.

KLEADER's Touch Screen Kiosk includes various products, such as Touch Query Machine, Interactive query system, interactive touch screendigital signage kiosk, portable kiosk booth, touch screen monitor, capacitive touch screen, kiosk wall mount, interactive kiosk, touch screen display,  touchscreen kiosk and Floor Standing LCD, touch monitors. It is usually used in places such as hotels, hospitals, museums, banks, and schools. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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