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Draw Alive can achieve a lively animal created by yourself appearing on the big screen,which merely requires being drawn on A4 paper. Then it is scanned by a high-speed scanner. After that, the colourful animals will come out in the game. Furthermore,you can touch them with your finger. As a response, diverse animals will show different actions.We prepare seven themes,such as the ocean, ice, dinosaur,and so on, for daily changing. To draw the animals, you can choose either physical paper or multiple paperless devices to form a LAN, such as a touch screen, iPador iPhone.

Interactive drawing
Interactive graffiti

Our Advantage

Draw Alive

4 Different Painting Methods

Scanner, touch table, iPhone and iPad painting can be used simultaneously, and each method can also be selected separately.

Interactive drawing

Custom Painting Templates

You can make the template you want to paint into a PNG image and put it in the specified folder to add a painting template that belongs to your style!

Interactive Painting

Multiple Elements And Interactivity

The scene effect is realistic, with more than 5 elements of each scene and children can interact with each animal by touching it with their hands

(you can also choose no interaction)

Draw Alive

Unlimited Screen Size

Support seamless splicing of multiple projectors, and also support large-area LED/LCD screens.

Interactive drawing

Add Advertising & LOGO

Can customize the position and size, can achieve brand promotion

Interactive graffiti

Support AI Camera

After taking pictures, your photos will follow the paintings you create.










Snow World

Snow World



Product Set Up

Interactive Painting



Detect interactive signals and transmit them to interactive software.


Projector/LED/LCD Screen

Support any resolution projector or LED Screen.



Control the software, can supportbooting the software to start automatically.



After drawing with template drawing paper, put it on the scanner, press the button to scan and transmit to the wall screen.


Touch Table

lt can support up to 4 children to draw simultaneously, and the scanners can be used simultaneously, or only one can be used. Use a wireless network to connect to the PC.



Optional use, after downloading the APP, connect to the local area network, you can upload the painting to the wall screen.



Set up a local area network to connect devices such as iPads and touch screens.


Display area and resolution:

Regular 1280 * 800(WXGA), 4*2.5m or less

Customized: Unlimited area

Essential kits: 

Scanner and games.

You are supposed to prepare a computer, projectors and cables.


Touch sensor,Touch table, IPAD

Display Device: 

LEDs, projectors, or LCD screens

Touch Table Styles

Interactive graffiti

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Interactive graffiti is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of Interactive playgrounds and Interactive Games. Draw Alive is played in the form of projection, which includes various themed scenes. Children can doodle small animals in their favorite colors. After drawing, the small animals created by the children appear as if they have been given "life" and appear in the scene vividly. It is widely used in Interactive playgrounds and Sports Games. Draw Alive, also known as Interactive Painting, Interactive Graffiti, or Interactive Drawing, art games to draw, drawing comes alive, educational drawing games, is commonly used in aquariums, kindergartens, science centers, shopping malls, amusement parks, children's parks, and schools. You can see them in the "Entertainment" category.

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