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We are more concerned about our environment in modern times, so we are creating more environmental museums to educate citizens to protect our environment. Visiting an environmental museum just seeing classical display panels will likely make visitors feel bored. We have developed various games to increase interest while educating visitors. These games include body sensor classification garbage, real physical bins to sort rubbish, interactive projection floor game, interactive projection wall games, etc.

Touch Light Panels

Interactive Exhibitions

Using dozens of round LED light boxes to show how the garbage deal develops to explain how to recycle garbage. When a visitor touches the first lightbox with a hand icon printed, the counter's value will be accumulated. Then, a couple of LED strips will light up in turn, going through the light boxes with the icons to show different stages, combining the voice explanation. Therefore, the visitors could comprehend how the event went easily.

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Body Sensor Garbage Classification Physical waste classification
interactive museum exhibition Museum Environments
Somatosensory garbage sorting game, the player needs to reach out and move the cursor to start the game. There will be different kinds of garbage falling to the ground in the game.Players need to reach out and grab the trash in the screen and move it to the correct trash can. In physical garbage classification, the experiencer looks at the garbage conveyor belt on the game screen to determine which classification the garbage belongs to, and presses the corresponding garbage bin with their hands to make a charged shot. You can change the content and edit the game parameters.
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Stepping On Garbage Sorting
Museum Installations                           Interactive Exhibition Design

There are four types of interactive tiles on the ground, the big screen will create all kinds of garbage, and you should step on the correct tile according to the big screen garbage.

You can change the content by yourself. so it will become a new game.

Garbage Classification Answer Interactive Garbage Classification Wall
Garbage Classification Answer museum equipment
Multi-player competitive rankings can be performed at the same time. There will be rubbish falling on the top of the screen. Participants have to interact with each other. When rubbish falls from the top of the screen, they need to react quickly and make judgments, and select the correct classification. The first judged participant scores . There is also a scoring ranking system. Support software customization modification Elements and pictures shown on the wallpaper can be substituted by the themes or the brands of your ad products. In addition, it can show the procedure of production. The preset animations will play when someone touches the elements or walks close to the magic wall.
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Chip Identification Garbage Classification Garbage Classification Interactive Floor
Exhibit Design Garbage Classification Interactive Floor
All kinds of cards represent different types of garbage on the desk, pick up them and put them in their correct identify sensor area, and you will get points. There are all kinds of digital garbage on the projection ground,you can use a physical broom to clean them, broom the to the correct garbage can and get points.
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Interactive Exhibitions, can be used for Interactive Exhibition Design, museum equipment, Exhibit Design, which is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of interactive teaching and learning. Environmental Museum Game is a new type of garbage sorting interactive game that uses projection, LED screen, or Digital Signage for playback. Garbage sorting is an integral part of the game, breaking the barrier of only experiencing garbage sorting games and not learning about garbage recycling and dismantling. It can also adapt to any resolution and support customized modifications. In portrait interaction mode, the recognized person will quickly find the sensed character on top of their head. It is widely used in Interactive playgrounds and Sports Games.

Interactive Exhibitions, also known as Interactive Museum Displays, Museum Installations, interactive museum exhibition, are commonly used in exhibition halls, Museum Environments, environmental protection centres, theme pavilions, and schools. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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