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interactive lightsaber


Have you ever seen the Star Wars movie? Do you think kids want to use the magic Light Sabers to chop stuff like viruses, fruits, or enemies, acting as Jedi? We’ve provided three different themes for the Augmented Reality body sensor game: a musical theme, a viral theme, and a fruity theme.The game Light Saber is a well-like installation widely used in events or activities that can help you engage the popularity coming to your venue. As an advertiser, you can easily implant your corresponding elements to match your hot products or logos. If that doesn’t meet your needs, we will customize the game, but it may be a little more expensive.

lightsaber virtual reality game

Musical Theme

interactive rhythm games

Fruity Theme

beat saber

Viral Theme

Tip:If the above themes cannot meet your requirements, we can customize exclusive themes for you.

Product Set Up

interactive lightsaber

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1.Receive sensor interactive signals

2.Run interactive software

Display Device

Any kind of digital display device like projector, Led screen, or monitor.etc

Sensor/Kinect v2.0

Detect interactive signals and transmit them to interactive software .

KINECT all-in-one kiosk, no need to install

KINECT all-in-one kiosk

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Display resolution: Regular 1920 *1080(HD)
Prepared yourself kits: computer, desplay device, KINECT2.0+adaptor, cables.
Display Device:

LEDs,projectors, or LCD screens

Implant ads: pics and texts free

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Lightsaber Virtual Reality Game is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of KINECT and Interactive Games. Lightsaber Virtual Reality Game is played in the form of projection, which is a striking game where players can use a simulated lightsaber to cut open and fly objects with direction. This game captures players' movements through Kinect radar, freeing them from the constraints of physical devices and making them more enjoyable. It is widely used in KINECT and Interactive Games.

Interactive Lightsaber, also known as Lightsaber virtual reality game, beat saber, interactive games for rent, interactive rhythm games, are typically used in places such as amusement parks, shopping malls, children's parks, rehabilitation centers, etc. You can see them in the "Games" category.

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